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Author Topic: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day  (Read 10291 times)

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SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:24:30 PM »

2015 SHOT Show Range Day Thread

Range Day is the day before the opening day of SHOT Show again this year - with expanded shooting lanes - and, again, GunLink crew will be there to cover it.

There are a lot of exhibitors here this year, showcasing their latest wares that you will soon be seeing on gun store shelves.  We will have the opportunity to get our hands on gear from:
2nd Amendment Media
Action Target
Adams Arms
Advanced Ballistic Concepts LLC
Aero Precision LLC
Aimpoint, Inc.
AirForce Airguns
Alexander Arms
American Tactical
Armscor USA
Ascendance International
Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Mfg
ATV Corp Div. – Phoenix International Systems, Inc.
Been & Badge
Beretta USA
Birchwood Casey
Breakthrough Clean
Cabela’s Incorporated
Caldwell Shooting Supplies
Caracal USA
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics
Carry Cleanly, LLC
Century Arms
Chamber-View LLC
Christensen Arms
Civilian Marksmanship Program
Cobalt Kinetics
Comp-Tac Victory Gear
Crazy Quail
Crimson Trace
Crosman Corporation
D.O.A. Tactical Benches
Daniel Defense
Dead Air Silencers & Bergara Rifles
Delta P Design
Desert Tech
Devil Dog Arms
DoubleStar Corp.
Doubletap Ammunition
Down Range Fabrications, Inc.
Edge Tactical Eyewear
EOTech Inc.
Ergo Grip
Fabryka Broni
Federal Premium Ammunition
Fold’em Gear
Freedom Hunters
FullMag Studios
GD-OTS Simunition Operations
Geissele Automatics
GunsAmerica Dealer Services
Gunwerks LLC
H-S Precision
Harris Publications, Inc.
Headhunters Firearms / Alpha Shooting Sports
Heckler & Koch
Hi Mountain Seasoning
High Threat Concealment
Inland Manufacturing
Italian Gun Grease
IWI US, Inc.
James River Armory
Just Right Carbines
Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc
Kimber Mfg., Inc.
KORTH Germany GmbH
Lansky Sharpeners
Legacy Sports International, Inc
Legendary Arms Works
Leupold & Stevens
Lewis Machine & Tool
MEC Clay Target Machines
Mission Archery, Inc.
Moore Advanced Dynamics (M.A.D.)
Mountain View Designs, Inc
Mule Deer Foundation
My Topo/Trimble Outdoors
National Shooting Sports Foundation
NcSTAR, Inc.
NRA Youth Programs
Otis Technology
Paradigm SRP
Petersen’s Hunting Border to Border
Piexon Inc.
Precision Firearms
Professional Outdoor Media Assoc. (POMA)
Proof Research
Ram Truck
Republic Forge, LLC
Rite Tie
Riverman Gun Works
Rock Island Armory
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Ruger Firearms
Safariland Group
Savage Arms
Seek Thermal
Seekins Precision
Self Defense Fund
Sharps Rifle Company
SI Defense
SinterFire, Inc.
Slide Fire Solutions
Smith & Wesson
SOG Knives & Tools
Springfield Armory
Standard Mfg. Co. LLC
Swarovski Optik North America Limited
Tactical Walls, LLC
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
The Ready Range
Ti Outdoors
TMS Outdoors
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Walther Arms, Inc.
Weaver Optics
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Repeating Arms
Witt Machine and Tool Co.
WM Robots
Youth Extreme Outdoors
Zippo Manufacturing Company

Keep an eye on this thread for our photos, first impressions and more, as well as links to full write-ups on some of the guns and gear that we see there. 

If you are hitting up Range Day, be sure to post your photos and first impressions here.  If you're not going, feel free to ask additional questions about the products and companies and we'll do our best to answer them.
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SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

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SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:24:30 PM »

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Re: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2015, 04:08:27 AM »
This was my first SHOT Show ever. It was a little overwhelming for me. There were so many booths and products, it was impossible to see everything. I tried to see as much as I could throughout the day and tried shooting a variety of firearms. These are my first impressions of some of the items that really caught my eye.

Ascendence International - nTHERM
nTHERM is a proprietary, non-metallic material that was developed by Ascendence. They have used this material to design handguards for ARs. The benefit - it doesn't heat up the same way traditional handguards do as the barrel gets hot from firing. When I shot the weapon with the handguards, close to 200 rounds had just been shot through t. While the barrel was still smoking, an on site thermometer indicated that the barrel was approximately 350 degrees F, while the guard was right around 80 degrees F. I was able to comfortably handle the rifle even while the barrel was smoking.

If you haven't had the chance to use a rifle with the Slide-Fire furniture, you are missing it out. You will walk away with a giant grin on your face. I have never used this product before and I had no trouble getting it to work my first try. The new model has the controls located on the pistol grip and it is very attractive.

Standard Manufacturing - DP12
This is a massive weapon. It is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun with two barrels, but one trigger system. It fires one barrel at a time, and each barrel has its own tube. Despite its overall weight, it did not have a lot of recoil. I did have difficulty using the pump action and the representative had to help me each time.

Kris's - Vector CRB
This rifle shoots .45Acp with little felt recoil. I had the benefit that the weapon I test fired was equipped with an EOTech holographic sight The sight was very nice and about as fun as the actual pistol.

Moore Advanced Dynamics. - 9mm pistol
The first thing you would notice looking at the MAD weapons is that they are all black and very attractive. They are HK style firearms and I was able to test fire one of the 9mm pistols. It was extremely fun to shoot, but a little too large for my hands. I had difficulty reaching the safety and other controls.

HK - VP9
This new pistol from HK is designed to be small with minimal recoil. The charging slide was easy to pull back, but it was not the easiest I experienced today. This was a fun pistol to shoot.

Walther - CCP
Walther has a new concealed carry pistol. It has been designed to have no recoil. It had less recoil than the HK VP9 in my opinion. The slide was easier to use than other pistols I have shot, but it was still not the best of the day. The pistol is designed with what the manufacturer is calling Soft Coil Technology.

Korth Arms - PRS
This was my favorite pistol of the day. Unfortunately, it is not likely to be a pistol I will own anytime soon because of the price tag. This fit perfectly in my hands, had the easiest slide of anything I have ever used, and it was accurate with iron sights.. I was to able to reach all of the controls and it had almost no noticeable recoil. I am very excited about this pistol.

Again, these are just some of the products that were available. More details and photos will be following soon, so stay tuned. With women being the largest growing demographic of shooters, I was hoping to see some products that were geared specifically towards women, but nothing I saw was advertised as this. With the increasing number of small pistols featuring little recoil and adjustments for easier use (such as racking the slide back), I hope to see more products geared towards women and/or children. More information and more product reviews  will be coming once  the show opens , which is later today.
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Re: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2015, 12:02:29 PM »
Here are just a few of the photos we got at the 2015 SHOT Show Range Day. 

Stay tuned to the GunLink Forums and GunLink Blog for more photos, detailed information, and reviews of what we had a chance to try out.  Today is the opening day of the show, so there is a lot to see, but we will be posting as time allows.

The new SlideFire stock is far and away better than previous models with adjustable length of pull, improved bump fire on/off controls, better lockup in the off position and greatly improved aesthetics.

A few of the FB Radom firearms we got trigger time on.  They are still waiting on approval to get these sold in the US.  The friendly shooting bench staff - who wasn't shy about letting visitors burn up tons of ammo in the rifles, carbines and SBRs - said that should happen in the next couple of months.

Show partners Nissan were at Range Day giving off road test drives to showcase their new trucks.  While many got to try out the demo stock truck, I was among the group that was treated to a romp in the  Project Titan truck. 

The next lucky driver is excited to get behind the wheel.
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SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

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Re: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2015, 12:10:37 PM »
M.A.D. about the smooth operation and build quality of the Moore Advanced Dynamics HK-style pistols and SBRs.  Sadly, they didn't want shooters giving the selector an extra click into rock and roll mode.

Internal workings of the Kriss Vector showing why recoil is nearly non-existent.

The mass is directed down as the action cycles.

Our female shooter had no problem managing the .45ACP from the 16" barrel.

Kriss was also showcasing their carry-friendly subcompact addition to the SDP line.

And new Cerakote color models
SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

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Re: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2015, 12:16:29 PM »

We also got a chance to stop by KelTec to try out the carbine version of the PMR30 - the CMR30.  A great little accurate .22WMR carbine with an adjustable stock that began shipping slowly since December.  The company rep told us that production will ramp up to around 500 per month after SHOT

They were also showcasing their redesigned Sub2000, which we will cover more from the SHOT Show floor.

Piexon's JPX4 is a LTL gas gun that takes primer-fired OC/pepper spray cartridges, 4 at a time.  Complete with a integrated laser

SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

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Re: SHOT Show 2015 Range Day
« Reply #5 on: January 20, 2015, 12:33:35 PM »
On the long range, we got to see and try out a number of nice long distance guns.

And got to ring some nearly 1000 yard steel with Barrett's 7mm bolt gun.

We got to try out CMMG's MK47 Mutant - a 7.62x39 AR-type platform that accepts standard AK magazines.

With a beefier bolt in place of a turned-down standard bolt

GunLink Staff also got trigger time in on the DPS-12 16-round double barreled 12ga pump shotgun.  We're not sure of the application that this is meant for, but it sure is fun.

Caracal's new 9mm carbines were fun little guns.

And they were also rolling out their 1911 line, the only .45 that they make.

Ascendence International had a pretty nifty handguard made out of unicorn horns and unobtanium - or something like that - that didn't get the least bit warm after hundreds of rounds through the full-auto demo M4.

Hot barrel...

Cool hands...

We also got to try out UTM's target-only civilian version of their LEO/military force-on-force training ammo.  The system features conversion parts that do not allow live rounds to be chambered, an offset firing pin that wouldn't fire the primer of a live round and several other safety features and a double-primer firing system - one to cycle the action and one to fire the projectile.  The result is an affordable way to safely get in some target practice in your own basement or garage without worrying about those pesky bullet holes in the walls.

SHOT Show 2015 Coverage

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