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Author Topic: RepackBox ammunition boxes  (Read 2673 times)

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RepackBox ammunition boxes
« on: November 25, 2017, 11:59:01 PM »
Last year on the GunLink Blog, we wrote about how we were randomly introduced to REPACKBOX's ammo boxes when we contacted Roger from GI Jewelry - who happens to operate both businesses - to source some US made ball chains and he told us about his other firearm/ammo related venture.

At the time, we wrote about how his boxes helped us organize some of our ammo, especially heaps of 9mm packaged in rectangular boxes of half a dozen various dimensions or, worse, round tubs. These oddball containers left us with the tolerable-but-annoying chore of either playing ammo-box Tetris in ammo cans, wasting a bunch of space around the round tubs, or just dumping loose ammo.

Since then, Repack Boxes have been pretty much out of sight, out of mind for us. As the company's slogan reads: this is a "common solution to uncommon problems." Having to pack up ammo is a relatively uncommon thing for us.  That is, until recently when dwindling supplies and stupid-good deals (hello... PSA sales and 5/rnd Federal rebates!) converged to land a big pile of fresh brass on our bench.

Armed with nothing but lots of Monster and lots of time, we endeavored to fold up and populate what seemed like a never ending stack of Repack Boxes.

The first 30 boxes; enough for 900 rounds - or enough to fill one .50 cal ammo can with two boxes to spare for the next can.

The boxes are a little bit tricky to fold and, of course, we had lost the package insert with folding instructions (and are, of course, too lazy to interrupt ammo-packing momentum for something so trivial as pulling up the instructions online) - but with a little trial and error and playing around with a previously folded box, we figured it out.

Filling the boxes to capacity took a little trial and error too, with more error than trial. After a few failed attempts at getting the specified 30 rounds into the first box, we did succumb and get a tip from the website that the rounds should alternate tip-up/tip-down in the box.

Loading the first few boxes involved a learning curve for the best way to fill them. I found that the best way to fill them without having the rounds fall out of place and ruin the one up/one down pattern was to hold the box at about a 30-degree angle off-vertical with the narrower edge on the bottom and work your way upward in rows. Then, with 29 rounds in the box, give it a little shake to settle them and make room for the last round.

It turns out that this ISN'T the easiest way to fill them, however.  If you order the boxes, I recommend shelling out the extra whopping $3 and order a fast loader tray to go with them. We don't have the trays but, if they work as advertised (and why wouldn't they), they will save a LOT of hassle.

With the first batch of boxes loaded, all that was left was to repeat the process over and over. And over. And over.  Seriously... order the fast loader tray.

As a side note, the bulk Federal American Eagle ammo wasn't as bad as we have heard a lot of people say. Per case of 1000, I think there were probably fewer than half a dozen with bad dented cases and around a dozen with minor dings that I would be OK shooting (although we did separate them). On the plus side, per case of 1000, they had close to two dozen extra rounds so, even with the bad cartridges, we came out a couple of rounds ahead.

Roger has also mapped out (literally) how his boxes fit into .50 cal ammo cans. Pay attention to his drawings (I wish the sides were marked with letters/numbers/colors) since, at first glance, it looks like the boxes are all oriented the same way but they are not.  For 5.56 boxes, one ammo can will hold 28 boxes for 840 rounds.

If you noticed the white glove in the photos, those came with the boxes. This is to keep oils from your skin off of the ammo cases. Along with the thick .024 card stock that the boxes are made from being acid-free, this helps to ensure that your ammo should remain safe and corrosion free while in storage provided that you store it properly (i.e. in a cool, dry place - like an ammo can with desiccant).

Lastly, the boxes are all plain, white cardboard without much aesthetics involved. They are marked for caliber, and with the number of rounds that the box holds, and that is about it.  There is an outlined area to write in load data for the rounds inside, and the boxes come with a sheet of labels that fit in that box if you don't want to write directly on the box. I'm not sure if there is a template to print the labels from a computer or not (I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make one), but we have just been writing directly on either the box or the labels.

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RepackBox ammunition boxes
« on: November 25, 2017, 11:59:01 PM »

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