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Author Topic: Armaspec Stainless Anti-Walk Pins for AR15 Fire Control Group  (Read 1172 times)

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Armaspec Stainless Anti-Walk Pins for AR15 Fire Control Group
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:28:16 PM »
Armaspec Stainless Steel Anti-Walk Pins review - from June 2017 Tac-Pack Subscription Box Review

The Armaspec Anti-Walk pins were the lowest valued items in the box but probably the ones that I was the most excited for; mainly because it is the product from the box that I would have been most likely to purchase on my own.  It isn't like I have a burning need for anti-walk pins, but I've been kicking around the idea of putting a set into one or two of our rifles that see harder use, more rapid fire, and have various trigger groups in them. 

In the many tens of thousands of rounds that have gone downrange from our ARs, I recall few, if any, specific issues with hammer or trigger pins walking out. Nonetheless, this is something that I was considering and this was a good opportunity to drop these into a rifle (although, honestly, if I had purchased my own, I probably would have opted for anti-rotation + anti-walk pins).

The pins did not seem to noticeably improve trigger for any of the FCGs we installed them with like some people report with aftermarket  pins, but they also did not hamper the pull either. They, of course, did not walk out, but we were not experiencing any walk-out issues to start with, so that doesn't mean much.  The pins were initially installed with a cassette-type drop-in Timney trigger, which relies on set screw pressure pushing on the hammer and trigger pin holes in the receiver to keep the cassette in place - something that I have never been very comfortable with on an NFA receiver - and the Armaspec pins allow for much less required pressure on the holes. The GDFR now sports a different 2-stage trigger with the Armaspec pins, and it is working fine.

Despite what we thought was an ample helping of blue thread locker, we did lose one of the screws during a day of particularly enthusiastic shooting. This range outing was hot, dusty, and soaked in sweat and CLP with lots of firearms getting handled by lots of shooters, so we aren't sure when or where the screw came out (never to be found again) - we only noticed later when cleaning the guns. If it happened mid-shooting, it didn't appear to affect the rifle's operation, as the pin was fully seated when we noticed the missing screw. We contacted Armaspec to get either specifications on how to buy our own screw or to buy a replacement, but they quickly took care of us by sending us replacements, installed with even more copious amounts of thread locker.

The loss of the screw was a bit unnerving. Unlike original pins, the anti-walk pins lack the grooves for the FCG springs to hold them in place. If the screw comes out and the pin tries to walk, there is nothing to keep it in place and the rifle could quickly go down until you get it fixed - bad news if it is a rifle you are depending on for life and death. Since reinstalling, there have not been any further issues, but it is still they type of thing that sits in the back of your mind.

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Armaspec Stainless Anti-Walk Pins for AR15 Fire Control Group
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:28:16 PM »

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