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Author Topic: Burnproof Gear Rail Rap - heat resistant handguard sleeve  (Read 1819 times)

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Burnproof Gear Rail Rap - heat resistant handguard sleeve
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:48:36 PM »
Burnproof Gear Rail Rap review - from June 2017 Tac-Pack Subscription Box Review

Most of the value of this box comes from the Burnproof Gear Rail Rap.  I've heard of this company before from their suppressor covers but hadn't every really looked too hard at them since we don't tend to keep covers on our cans.  The rail wrap is pretty much what it sounds like - it covers your rail to keep you from burning your hands when you heat up your rail. 

I probably wouldn't have ever looked at this product on my own to buy it because it simply wouldn't have really occurred to me.  We frequently shoot our rifles enough to get pretty hot, but the usual remedy is to either pretend like it doesn't hurt or complain relentlessly - depending on mood.  The wrap solves the issue and looks pretty cool doing it.  The real win here is probably one we ran into last weekend shooting with one of our friends - that black guns get HOT when left to sit in the hot sun for even just a few minutes.  This solves that problem as well, along with the issue of not buggering up our fresh rails when we haphazardly pile guns into the safe.

There is a flip side to this equation, however. Rail wraps and suppressor covers are not magical mini cooling units - they are just insulating layers that keep the surface cooler by keeping the generated heat contained inside instead of allowing the hot parts to air cool. This means barrels (and silencers) that stay hotter for longer. If you ever watch any of the ridiculous "meltdown test" videos online, you probably know that excessive heat is the enemy of firearms and is usually what causes the failure when something gives. Most of us don't blow up our guns because we don't run a bazillion rounds through them as fast as possible without allowing them to cool, and adding something like this product traps more heat in the weapon components and keeps it there longer. We aren't necessarily talking about melting gas tubes or other catastrophic failure either - very excessive heat also can lead to accelerated wear on barrel rifling, baffle erosion, and the like. Just something to keep in mind if you plan on doing a lot of mag dumps - most of us probably won't work a rifle hard enough to cause any appreciable problems.

I probably wouldn't have ever purchased this on my own (especially for $70), so TacPack introduced us to first hand experience with a new product from a new-to-us company.  Mission accomplished. If keeping your fore-end surface cool is worth 70 bucks to you, this could be your answer.

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Burnproof Gear Rail Rap - heat resistant handguard sleeve
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:48:36 PM »

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