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Swab-its Introduces New Cleaning Swabs for .50cal Firearms


How Swab-its® Has Changed How People Can Clean Their .50cal Firearms

Swab-its® new .50 cal/ 28 ga Bore-tips. From top to bottom, a modern .50 cal
muzzleloader, the the Barrett M82, the .50 cal Desert Eagle and the shotgun
at the bottom is a 28 ga

After extensive research, development and testing, Super Brush LLC’s Swab-its® announces their new .50 caliber Bore-tips®.  This .50cal addition to the innovative American company’s line of firearm cleaning and lubricating foam swabs extends the same lint-free, reusable, tight bore-fitting cleaning surface to muzzleloaders and other .50 caliber firearms….and will do a great job on a 28 gauge shotgun.

Swab-Its® line of Bore-tips® that improve barrel cleaning and lubrication now includes .22/5.56, .243cal, .30/7.62, .357cal/9mm, .40/10mm (works on .410 shotguns), .45/11.25, .50cal and 12ga, 28 ga. and 20ga.

Swab-its® has also added a 3” precision tip to their 9 piece Gun-tips® kit.  Their Gun-tips® line offers four distinct sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint.

Last year’s Swab-its® innovations, the .22/5.56 and .177/.17 caliber Bore-Whips™ have proven to be very popular products. The Bore-Whips’ pull-through design allows one to clean firearms and airguns that are traditionally difficult to access and clean in the correct direction and their bright colored handle acts as an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) for indicating the firearm is empty and safe, making them popular at ranges and among competitive shooters whose rules mandate ECI’s.

All of Swab-its® lint-free foam swabs are reusable for multiple times, and easy to clean with soap and water or mineral spirits.


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