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We're on a quest to "Save Our Constitution" via OPSOC!  Our goal is to exercise our rights to stand up for the #2A (Second Amendment) by exercising the #1A. One t-shirt at a time we'll continute to make our voices heard, and show them who the real Patriots are.

Infringed Apparel....

One day while walking through the local mall our founder was confronted by a person who was clearly not familiar with the US Constitution and rights in this country. This uneducated soul began to berate him over a simple t-shirt he was wearing. He tried to share with her facts about the Second Amendment (2A), but she refused to listen, preferring to stick with her media talking points.

While he maintained his respect and composure as any Marine would, the lies began to overwhelm him. After several minutes of this back and forth, and her increasing disdain for truth and fact, he ended the conversation with this statement.

"I spent 7 years in the US Marines defending your First Amendment, so don't you dare begrudge my Second Amendment rights because you feel uncomfortable. Besides my Second Amendment right protects your First Amendment rights!"

The crowd that had built up broke out in applause, and she walked off upset and mumbling.

One short month later Infringed Apparel was born. We started with three designs and continue to add more all the time. We are taking this fight directly to the liars who are attacking our US Constitution. The Second Amendment states "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is an individual right, guaranteed to us by our Constitution and aimed at protecting us from tyranny.


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