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Author Topic: Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine  (Read 9643 times)

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Re: Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine
« Reply #20 on: August 18, 2015, 04:52:53 PM »

Carbon 15?

I preferred a shorty AR in 9 MM with both 25 & 32 Rd Mag's, in Polymer to lighten the load....the rear Iron sight has a 1.2X lens, makes it (Targets)real clear inside of 30 Yds., which is just where the Optic starts to do its best work.....

This is before I added an optic and Sling. Since I'm on a fixed income and funds are tight, The optic I got was one I had purchased 2 of already. The Tru-Glo 2X42 Multi Reticle Dual Color. Msrp$200, on sale at Natchez for $100 plus shipping. As I stated orig., I have two of These optics already one on my 50th Annv. 10/22(not the contest winner) and on my AK pattern 12Ga Semi Auto...

Note: their shipping is nutz so I always add some Ammo, since they have 4 "Flat" Weights...

Addendum:the 32 Rd Mag's are not in this pic. I obtained 4 From CDNN after I orig ordered 5 and they sent me Uzi Mag's, so I had to send those back and re-Order...and I got 2 more in 32 Rd from the same maker as the 25's pictured here.

Negative: Bushmaster Carbon fiber/T-7076 Alum. Lower, PSA 7.5" Barreled upper.
I'd rather have a 2nd Mini-14 then another AR...

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Re: Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine
« Reply #20 on: August 18, 2015, 04:52:53 PM »

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