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Anyone here air rifle? I have a couple of very good adult grade pellet rifles in .177 and 22. I'm talking 357, 45, 50 cal. Big game worthy air rifles. I'm looking a a Texan, Gamo, and Hatsan PCP for a compliment to ceter fire, and maybe getting in before the rush if things go bad in coming years.
Any experience or recommendations?

I have benjamin and gamo. The Gamos are great at killing small game and varmint and they're quiet. Woodchucks are pushing it for what I would shoot even with a .22 airgun, but they can get the job done.

I've never had a higher end one, but I've had some decent ones. I shot a .50 cal one a couple times at a demo. I don't know much about them but I know I've heard people talking about using them for bigger game. Do they have their own on-board power, or a separate tank?

I'm sure we had a Red Ryder around when I was little, but I don't think they're for much other than knocking over soda cans. When I was a little older we had a multi-pump Crosman .177 that was fast and accurate. That thing had enough power to take down large raccoons that would harass our animals. I think it was 13 pumps (I think the manual called for 11 or 12 at the top of their FPS chart) and it didn't have any problem making headshots through raccoon skull inside of 10-15 yards.

That one's long gone and the only thing I have now is a Crosman 1377 pistol .177 caliber. It's another multi-pump deal. It's compact and accurate enough that it would make a decent pack gun. I've probably nailed dozens of squirrels with it.

I don't know Texan or Hatsan, but I've wanted a small Gamo for a long time even though I don't have any personal experience with them. That's a good point about a potential rush and how things are going. Now that I'm thinking about them again, I think I might get one this week. They're not too expensive, ammo is dirt cheap (could probably make your own in a pinch), and it could scratch the shooting itch for cheap and also put protein on the table.


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