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Glock 19 Cool Fire Trainer. Is it worth it?


Hello all. I've been looking for a good training aid to practice in my garage and so far what i can see is that the CoolFire Trainer is the way to go but the price point not so much. Has anybody used this system what is your input on it?

When is was at Shot Show 2020 I had the chance to stop by the booth but sadly they ran out of air on the last day so i didn't have the opportunity to test it.

I don't own one but I have shot them a few times. It's pretty neat and realistic. It's probably about as close as you could get to live fire without live rounds or simunition and you're using your actual firearm.

Like you said the cost really stings. I just put together a kit and it's $510+ in the cart. Maybe not so much right now, but 8 months ago that would buy a TON of live ammo. Hell, it would buy a second Glock. If you use the laser you wouldn't be able to practice drawing from most holsters. Depending on pressure and temp, expanding CO2 can freeze up at -100f. When I played paintball that was an issue with rapid fire unless you had an expansion chamber. At their pressures/volume/temp I don't know if there's enough for that or how it would do with lube, springs, frames, etc.

It's a cool idea but I'd rather spend the training bucks elsewhere like a .22lr clone or a .22lr conversion kit plus ammo, a green-gas airsoft clone, or even a "reset trigger". I'd even rather put the money to a taurus G2/G3 and a mantis/lasermax and do all the dry fire practice I wanted and probably have money left over for some real ammo. You get trigger manipulation practice even if it's not with your ccw, plus you get another pistol, plus training aids you could use with your ccw.


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