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Author Topic: What could you do to prepare for something like Boston Marathon?  (Read 1501 times)

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Other than trying to mentally prepared for something terrible happening like yesterday, what could one do to be a little more prepared for something like that?  Not necessarily like carrying around a big trauma kit or anything like that, but small stuff.  I guess there are probably basic first aid classes that someone could take aren't there?  Learn CPR, know how to use a tourniquit, be able to recognize certain injuries or conditions and stuff like that.  It seems like another big problem in stuff like this isn't just people not knowing what to do for first aid/medical stuff but what to do in general.  Everyone is either wondering around dazed or in shock or completely panicking and sprinting off in whatever direction they're already facing.  Are there crisis response type classes for the average joe (as opposed to first responders or emergency management people)?

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Re: What could you do to prepare for something like Boston Marathon?
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2013, 11:50:04 AM »
There are a number of online resources available such as those listed below.  Another thing to think about would be to contact your state or local emergency management coordinators and ask them what you can do to be prepared.  They would probably at least have a handle on specific training opportunities in your area, if not be involved in providing the training themselves.

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Re: What could you do to prepare for something like Boston Marathon?
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2013, 08:41:58 AM »
I'm not sure how you could really prepare for that mentally.  You'd have to either be able to go from grocery shopping mode to crisis mode at the drop of a hat or be switched on all the time, either of which would take a good bit of fortitude.  Generally, I guess 'condition yellow' would be a good state to be in. Be aware of your surroundings, how you got where you, how you plan on getting back, etc.  In big crowds you could look for alternative exits, note where there might be congestion at an exit, etc.

I know groups like Red Cross offer first aid/CPR/AED classes for regular folks that covers a lot of stuff that would be of great benefit from situations ranging from someone choking in a restaurant to something like what happened in Boston.  Obviously there is more in-depth training available for first responder types.  I don't know of any specific classes on how to respond to those types of situations but I'm sure they cover it in some of the myriad tactical courses out there.

It wouldn't take much to throw together a small first aid kit that you could EDC, even if you're not the man purse type.  I think that with some common sense, basic training and some 'normal' EDC items (I'm thinking stuff like leatherman, pen, paracord, quickclot) you could do well to get out of a jam.

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Re: What could you do to prepare for something like Boston Marathon?
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2013, 11:03:18 PM »
It's been a few years, but back in the day I was a lifeguard (ages 16-19). Fortunately, nothing horrible happened at the small, private lake that I worked. However, First-aid and CPR are handy to know. You should also know that there are different levels of training for these general red-cross classes. The biggest difference I recall is in CPR. The work-place version and the professional rescuer trainings have some small differences since a professional rescuer is expected to do more. my instructor did his best to prepare us for any situation, but pretty much you have to know these techniques like you know how to ride a bike. That way when a disaster does happen, you're on auto-pilot until you calm down mentally to think clearly. However, not everyone can handle this mentally and unfortunately, for the average joe, you won't know if you can until something happens.

As for classes - the red cross offers courses (and just the exams with practicals for a lower cost) for many of these skills and they offer different levels for each. You'll need to contact your local chapter to see what they have. If they don't have something, they should be able to tell you where to go. I also know the Boy Scouts offer some other trainings, such as wilderness first-aid, through the red cross as well. I think this might depend on your area.