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Author Topic: AMMO ALERT - Ammo GANGS in FT. LAUDERDALE are swiping it up before you wake up!  (Read 1328 times)

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There was certainly no shortage of it at Knob Creek for the machine gun shoot, either at the vendors or the shooters.  The vendors had pallet upon pallet of ammo and, obviously, the shooters had tons of it to send downrange.  I'm hoping that part of the reason for the scarcity was that some sellers were sitting on it to sell at the show and shooters were piling it up to get the most out of their long-awaited firing line spot.

Some of the prices were unbelievable and people were paying it.  One vendor said that they sold out of all of their conventional calibers quickly the first day but they had a pallet that got held up in transit.  They went and picked up the ammo from the shipping company, brought it in and were sold out in nine minutes.