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Author Topic: Ron Paul once again protected gun rights tonight at the debate!  (Read 894 times)

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"Guns don't kill people! Criminals kill people!" Ron Paul Arizona debate

The saying is found on many pro gun bumper stickers web wages too!

I Also loved Ron's pointing out the border issue of illegals trespassing on private property!

Once illegals enter the United States, most often they then begin trespass on private property such as cattle ranches and farms, this is very true and a subject of frustration in Texas as all the ranch lands are private property along the border, farmers and ranchers have had to arm with fire arms themselves to protect against the cartels and other criminal activity and gangs as these groups who have chased and driven ranchers and farmers off their own land.

One has to love the Texas version of the castle law as it allows us Texans to protect every inch of our private property from violent crime as well as violent home invasion to protect all of our property not just the inside of our houses like so many other states.

This should also be true in Arizona where several politicians are pushing for their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of the state's citizens to create a "well regulated militia" from the ranks of veterans, retired and active law enforcement officers and emergency first responders to volunteer and to perform private property border control due to all the unchecked border violence and violent crime that has begun to spill into Arizona. Washington DC has failed the states on border protection.

I salute Arizona for such a bold  and patriotic move. VETERANS FOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012
Odecha ki aniteni vetihi li liy'shua Even ma' asu habonim haytah lerosh pinah Me'et Hashem Adonai haytah zot ni niflet be' eineinu Zeh hayom asah Hashem, Adonai nagilah venis'mechah bo Ana Hashem.

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