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Author Topic: Missouri "Second Amendment Preservation Act" Bans ALL FEDERAL GUN CONTROL!  (Read 390 times)

Offline masfonos

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Missouri's SB367 "Second Amendment Preservation Act" would ban all federal gun control laws and make it a criminal act to enforce such laws in the state 😂😂

Check out the bill at http://www.senate.mo.gov/19info/bills/SB367.htm

SB367 "would prevent all state agencies and their employees from enforcing any federal law that infringes the Second Amendment in any way, including gun registrations, fees, fines, licenses and bans."

An older version of the bill passed the general assembly a few years ago but dem governor Jay Nixon vetoed it. The both chambers of the current Missouri general assembly are republican controlled (24-10 in the senate, 116-47 in the house) and current governor Mike Parson is also a republican, so maybe the bill has a real chance.



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This should be interesting to see how it plays out if passed.   I wonder if the feds will ignore it like they ignore the marijuana state laws. 

Obviously they’re going to use the Tenth Amendment in any court arguments, what other precedents are there?

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