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Taurus pt111


I haven't had my Taurus pt111 very long but I like it so far. The sights were off at first but once I got it adjusted I can shoot pretty good with it.  Its easy to take apart to clean - just pull down the levers on the side to take the slide off.  Some of the others that I looked at were a lot more complicated with levers to turn or pins to take out and stuff like that. I can't carry it because I don't have a permit to carry, but it is small so it would probably be easy to hide.  It fits my hand and is easy to shoot.  I'm not an expert or anything but I would definitely recommend it.  It was only $250 so a lot cheaper than a lot of other guns.

We sold a LOT of Taurus PT-111 pistols over the past year or so. We mostly sold them between $199.99-$239.99 and it has a lot of features for that price point: adjustable sights, two magazines in the box, good grip texture, loaded chamber indicator, manual safety, drop-safety, tabbed trigger safety, light/laser rail, second-strike capability, and it's a nice size for carry.

Out of hundreds that we sold, I don't think any came back in with any kind of issues. 

You did good.


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