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Author Topic: Bastion EDC Carbon Fiber Gentleman's Knife  (Read 2529 times)

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Bastion EDC Carbon Fiber Gentleman's Knife
« on: November 25, 2017, 06:03:13 PM »
Bastion EDC Carbon Fiber Gentleman's Knife review - from October 2017 Tac Pack subscription box review

The Bastion EDC Carbon Fiber Gentleman's Knife was the big winner out of this box.  We were prepared to be disappointed by the TacPack teasers about a "$90 knife" in the week or two leading up to the box arriving; knives in that range usually don't have what you look for in a couple hundred dollar knife, and they don't usually bring much more to the table over a $30-50 knife.

However, once it got here, I was pleasantly surprised - I think I found my new "dress knife."

The first thing I noticed was "wow, this is a fancy box for a knife" - followed immediately by "how the hell do you open this fancy box?"  The next thing was "dang, it came out of its spot in the fancy box and has been flopping around in there." 

After getting my mind off of the box, the next obvious observation was that this was one sexy knife.  The scales are 3K carbon fiber (3000 filaments per tow) and are mostly matte/semi-gloss.  The bevel on the black ceramic blade is matte, the rest of the blade is very high gloss, and the thumb stud reminds me of some fancy-looking cuff links.

Owing to the carbon fiber handle and ceramic blade, the knife weighs next to nothing - just over two ounces(!).  The blade is 3.25" and OAL is 7.5".  The tip-down (only) clip lets it ride pretty deep so it isn't hanging out of your pocket.  The looks, size, weight, and carry depth are why I say that I've found my new dress knife.  I don't have to play dress-up very often, but when I do, I think this knife will look much more at home in my slacks than the blades I usually carry.

On the flip side of the coin, however, one of the big draws of this knife is also one of its downfalls.  The ceramic blade looks fantastic, hardly weighs anything, and should keep a good edge for a long time if not abused.  It is also stupid-hard, which will make it hard to sharpen when it does lose its edge and it will also make it more brittle and susceptible to breaking if used like many of us use our EDC knives.  If your EDC knife usage is like my dress-up-knife usage (cutting strings off of clothes, opening envelopes, and cutting your sandwich in half), then this can be a great EDC knive.  If you use your EDC knife for breaking down piles of boxes, small prying jobs, and fighting off packs of ninjas or badgers, I don't know that it will last a long time.

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Bastion EDC Carbon Fiber Gentleman's Knife
« on: November 25, 2017, 06:03:13 PM »

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