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Author Topic: AimShot Releases New Quick-Detach KeyMod Accessories  (Read 1851 times)

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AimShot Releases New Quick-Detach KeyMod Accessories
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:26:58 PM »
If you are a GunLink reader, you may recall some of our past lamentations over they KeyMod system. We were baffled when Springfield put KeyMod on their new wonder-rifle, the SAINT, disappointed when we got "stuck" with KeyMod on our AR-9 SBR build, and glad when we avoided the system on other builds. Most of our aversion to the system that many people liken to industrial shelving (or worse), is due to the lack of aftermarket support. At least one company is working on changing that with their new line of accessories.

We recently had the chance to try out some new KeyMod accessories from AimShot when they sent over a couple of their new Quick Disconnect attachments - the MTKMPR, a 60mm, six-slot quick-detach section of picatinny rail and the MTKMLM quick-detach flashlight mount. The new lineup also includes a bipod adapter for sling-swivel-mounted bipods, which we didn't try out.


Both of the new AimShot mounts attach to a KeyMod rail using their patent-pending QD system.  To appreciate this, one should understand the usual KeyMod method of attachment. Per the KeyMod wiki:

The KeyMod system consists of two parts: the KeyMod slot and the KeyMod nut. The slot is distinctive with a larger diameter through-hole combined with a narrow slot. [...] The nut is stepped and the larger diameter end is chamfered around 270 degrees of its diameter. The angled face created is meant to interface with the chamfer on the backside of the KeyMod slot. The full diameter is left intact to create two flats on the nut which align the nut to the slot, and allow it to be indexed to the accessory as well as to the KeyMod slot. [...]

The KeyMod specifications call out a 'recoil lug' on the accessories which is intended to interface with the larger through hole portion and resist slippage of accessories during counter-recoil.

Rather than having traditional KeyMod nuts and recoil lugs on the mounts, AimShot's QD system consists of a pair of fixed T-shaped protrusions analogous to the nuts that interface with the skinny part of the KeyMod slot. When we say "fixed" we mean "probably not meant to be adjusted" - the protrusions are actually just flat-head screws with fat, chamfered heads that fit the chamfer on the slot. The screws are installed to the appropriate depth for proper fitment in the slot (at least on the two samples that we received) and secured in place with blue thread locker. While we didn't have any problems during our testing, if there is any weak link in the system, it may be these screws, as the threaded portion that screws into the mount body is relatively thin and short.

Since the "nut" is fixed on the mounts, the tolerance between the nut shoulder and the rail is pretty tight to prevent any wobble away from the rail. The quick-attach/detach functionality is achieved via a button on either side of the mount which retracts the single recoil lug out of the way so that the nuts can be slid into the slots. Once the mount is fully in place and the buttons are released, the spring-loaded recoil lug can drop into the wide part of the KeyMod slot to prevent the mount from sliding backward and allowing the nuts to escape.

Care should be taken to ensure that the recoil lug has fully dropped into the slot, as it is only held in the extended position under mild spring tension. In other words, although pressing the two buttons retracts the recoil lug, they don't hold it out firmly or block it from being pushed in. If you don't have the lug fully seated, there will likely not be enough pressure on the rail to keep your accessory from sliding out and coming detached.

In our testing, the KeyMod QD system on both mounts worked flawlessly. The mounts were easy to install and take back off and they held the accessories in place sturdily enough to resist prying on them as hard as we cared to pry on our rifle's rails.

A rifle that you might use to protect your home and family should have a light on it. Period.  As much as it pains me to have a pricey flashlight spend so much time collecting dust, our GDFR sports a 2-cell Elzetta M60 100% of the time because it would be our go-to bump-in-the-night rifle. We have slipped a little on putting a light on some of our other long guns to avoid having more lights just collecting dust. A QD light mount like this one helps solve that issue by allowing you to take off the weapon light and use it like... well, like a light when the rifle isn't likely to be pressed into service and to attach the light quickly if you do need it on the rail.

The MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail section's KeyMod QD functionality worked equaly well, although we ran into some issues with it. The issues were unrelated to build quality, materials, workmanship, or anything like that, but just in regard to compatiblity with certian Picatinny-mount accessories. Specifically with fitting the accessories onto the mount.

The QD buttons on each side of the mount have a raised bump on either side of the button to prevent it from being accidentally pressed. While I measure the button at only 5.40mm in height, the bumps are taller at closer to 7mm, giving them only 1mm between the bump and the bottom edge of the rail (2.8mm between the bump and the high, outside corner of the pic rail).


This tight clearance proved to be problematic with certain picatinny rail accessories - mainly with polymer accessories like VFGs from Magpul and Mission First Tactical. These accessories fit fine on the portions of the rail where there was no button or raised gate but, around the buttons the gate prevented the "claws" of the accessory from pulling in tight enough to get a good grip or to allow the cross pin to engage the picatinny slot. While a semi-firm grip could be achieved, tightening the accessory here mushed up the polymer on the accessory claw and allowed, with significant force, the VFG to be slid out of place. On the other hand, most other mounts - predominantly metal ones that don't require such thick claws for strength, fit just fine and held steady.

The AimShot representative with whom I spoke said that they had also encountered this issue with certain accessories and had a second version of the MTKMPR with a higher riser to accommodate such accessories, as well as a longer 140mm version, both of which are in the final stages of development and should be available around or shortly after SHOT Show 2018

It is hard to argue with the size and weight savings of a slim rail system with accessories (and accessory mounting points) only where you need them. The GDFR, with its picatinny quad-rail, is a fat pig whose weight doesn't seem bad when it is sitting still with just an optic and short barrel, but start adding on a light, suppressor, VFG, sling attachments, batteries, etc. and the idea of getting to hump it around becomes less enticing. To avoid more of this on other builds, we have experimented with other mounting systems and what we have ended up with as a result is a hodgepodge of mounting systems on various rifles, which leads to the inevitable commensurate hodgepodge of incompatible accessories that often couldn't be readily shared between firearms, even if it wasn't a chore to take them on and off.

From what we experienced while tying out these AimShot mounts, their QD KeyMod parts seem like they scratch a few itches that we, and almost certainly others, have encountered, and make the system a bit more appealing.

For more photos of the AimShot QD KeyMod accessories, check out the gallery on the GunLink Blog.
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AimShot Releases New Quick-Detach KeyMod Accessories
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:26:58 PM »

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