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Author Topic: Colorado shoppers draw CCW during Walmart shooting, cops complain about CCTV vid  (Read 790 times)

Offline masfonos

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So many Walmart shoppers drew their own handguns during Colorado Walmart attack that police were unable to quickly identify the suspect CCTV

-Shoppers at the Colorado Walmart where a shooter opened fire pulled their own handguns in defense
-Police revealed the few armed individuals slowed the suspect-tracking process
-A police spokesperson confirmed after the building had been deemed 'safe enough' to enter, officials quickly began examining the footage
-Scott Ostrem, 47, was arrested at 8am on Thursday after the 10-hour manhunt 
-Police shared surveillance footage of him entering the store to try to catch him   
-Neighbors at his apartment block said he was 'evil' and often carried a rifle case
-Thornton Police have not yet revealed what kind of gun was used in the attack
-Victor Vasquez, 26, Pamela Marques, 26, and Carlos Moreno, 66, all died 


Police say startled shoppers at the Colorado Walmart where a shooter opened fire and killed three stalled the search process after they drew their own handguns in defense.

The shoppers' immediate response to the violent event 'absolutely slowed' investigation as it left authorities scanning through surveillance tapes in pursuit of the single armed attacker.

The few innocent yet armed individuals were eventually weeded out as suspects, amid the several hour-long investigation which began Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

What an absolute crock.  So some guy comes in a store, shoots and kills three people, concealed carriers prepare to protect themselves/others (which is the point of having a CCW), bad guy leaves, CCWers don't hurt anyone, and they blame the CCWers for slowing down the investigation?

Because they had to weed out other armed people from surveillance footage to determine who the attacker was?   :o

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Offline Free-Fall

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The armed person going around shooting people is the one you're looking for on the tapes.  Probably the first one on tape with a gun in his hands.  Mystery solved, detective.  How long could that have possibly slowed down the investigation, wasn't the shooter already long gone by the time they looked at the tapes?

Vasquez, Marques, and Moreno?  In Colorado?  Doesn't sound like random shoot.

Offline masfonos

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I thought the same thing, so I looked it up.  Thornton isn't huge but it's good sized for Colorado and pretty diverse.

Thornton is the sixth-most populous city in the state of Colorado and the 213th-most populous city in the United States. ... As of the 2010 census, there were 118,772 people, 41,359 households, and 30,254 families residing in the city. ... Hispanics and Latinos of any race were 31.7% of the population.

Maybe a love triangle thing with a plus one.

In any case, if something like this starts happening where I am, believe that I'll (at a minimum) get ready to draw my CCW, if not draw.  It's right up there at the top of the list with get me and my party to cover, figure out what's going on, identify safe egress, and GTFO.  Close with/engage bad guy as a last resort and don't be holding a weapon when you run into the other good guys if it can be helped.

I guess the reporter/police wanted the other people there to hang out and wait to be killed.

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Did the police not have a description when arriving on scene?  I know for awhile at least locally, news stations and the newspaper wouldn’t list skin color in the description of the suspect. It would say “male, 6’ with dark hair”. Did something similar happen here?