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Author Topic: EDC LOL - Shocking article reveals the terrifying things in Americans pockets  (Read 892 times)

Offline masfonos

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LOL... oh, Europe!  What's it like to be a bunch of Nancies?

Disclaimer: these Americans are not being ironic.

Until you scroll through, itís hard to believe the number of Ďnormalí people with standard jobs who just happen to have a couple of knives and a handgun in their pockets.

As long as this headteacher is off-duty itís fine, right? His stormtrooper neck-handkerchief is the only redeeming item here:

Everyday carries for an Emergency Medical Technician. Stethoscope? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. LOCK-BACK KNIFE? CHECK:

Itís cute when Brits try to join in the fun but the most lethal weapon they have is a fully-loaded Sharpie marker:

The comments are pretty good.

Also, what's your EDC?  ... go!
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Offline marktucker

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Europe is lost. A "lock back knife" is a big deal to them? They'd wet their pants if they saw half what people I hang around with carry.

Offline LivingDeadGirl

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Seeing as they went around to college campuses had women turn in their pepper spray because you're most likely to be attacked from behind, therefore, unable to use the pepper spray properly, i'd say they'd crap their pants at most anything more serious than a rape whistle.