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Author Topic: Smith & Wesson extends their rebate TOO and also makes it better  (Read 374 times)

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I don't care that the sellouts at Springfield extended their mag deal, Smith & Wesson extended their mail in rebate deal through september AND added more options in addition to $75 rebate.

Protect yourself during the hot summer months with the M&P® Summer Savings Rebate! Consumers that purchase any new qualifying M&P Full-Size, Compact or M&P Shield® pistol, including Performance Center models, from July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 will be eligible to receive two boxes of Hornady Critical Defense® ammunition, two additional M&P magazines and a Caldwell Mag Charger® Universal Pistol Loader, or a $75.00 mail-in rebate depending on your state of residence. Click on this link for eligibility requirements and full terms and conditions.


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