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General Talk / Re: Conceal Carry clothes
« Last post by JamesCollins on June 23, 2020, 06:26:01 PM »
IWB and I try to find clothes sizes that work then rinse and repeat
General Talk / Re: Black Friday Sales
« Last post by Matthewe Gordon on June 22, 2020, 03:41:41 AM »

Good to know this.
There are protests nationwide over police violence and in many places violent thugs are taking advantage of the situation to do violent thug stuff. Smashing up businesses, burning down buildings, looting, robbing and assaulting people, etc. At the peaceful protests in my city many stores have been looted or robbed, people are shooting each other, shooting at the cops, robbing banks, vandalizing property.
How close to you is that kind of thing happening? Do you have a concrete plan for if it shows up at your doorstep? I've seen a handful of articles where business owners were arrested for defending their lives and properties.
Las Vegas Review Journal published an article about casinos reopening after a 78-day shutdown due to the coronavirus. The article says that they're now scanning temperatures before letting people in.

The video in the article shows them scanning visitor's wrists to check their temperature after they go through a security checkpoint that includes walk-through metal detectors. What do you want to bet that those will be there to stay and that it's the end of hotel and casino guests being able to lawfully CCW there?


General Talk / Re: New belt so need new holster
« Last post by JamesCollins on May 15, 2020, 05:45:35 PM »
Since my last post I’ve clearly had a lot of time on my hands at home to do my research and order my new setup- so I
went back to kore and picked up their new garrison belt. I measured it and it really is a full 1.75 inches wide as the company states. Same ratchet system as other belts which I am familiar with an really like.

I went with the Kydex IWB and loaded up the belt- the Garrison could handle the holster and with the wider belt I can now carry more mags and a knife now. My wife thinks it’s a bit crazy to see all this loaded up and doubts it can hold the weight but I showed her how to adjust the belt tighter to my waist for support.
The law is in DC Code § 22–4506(a). Issue of a license to carry a pistol.  It reads: "The Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department (“Chief”) may, upon the application of a person having a bona fide residence or place of business within the District of Columbia, or of a person having a bona fide residence or place of business within the United States and a license to carry a pistol concealed upon his or her person issued by the lawful authorities of any State or subdivision of the United States, issue a license to such person to carry a pistol concealed upon his or her person within the District of Columbia for not more than 2 years from the date of issue, if it appears that the applicant has good reason to fear injury to his or her person or property or has any other proper reason for carrying a pistol, and that he or she is a suitable person to be so licensed."


Current DC law is at http://dccode.elaws.us/code?no=22-45 that shows 4506 is repealed
News, Articles & Columns / Re: US Court Appeals Rules In Favor Of Gun Rights
« Last post by Crossmixs on April 24, 2020, 05:33:51 AM »
What is the current law
I've mostly been looking at the Johns Hopkins map and these sites for stats, but I haven't been watching it much lately. It was on my radar early January or so then I followed it closely from early February until a few weeks ago. Disaster fatigue wears on you, so I only look up stuff on it a couple times a week other than checking out the stats every day or two.

https://coronavirus.1point3acres.com/ has good current stats for US and Canada broken down by smaller areas. 708,841 confirmed US cases and 37,312 deaths as of right now.

https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ does a decent job with stats too.

A lot of people are saying that it's peaking or flattening now, but I think that's only in the big hot spots like New York. Everywhere will peak in waves but people are chomping at the bit to open the country back up. I think we'll see flare ups due to that and later peaks in the areas that open early "because it's no big deal there right now" like Florida that is reopening beaches. And that's all still lumped in under the first wave. Without a treatment or inoculation for it as soon as people start getting back together in groups it will start all over again for (possibly worse) wave 2, 3, etc.  Maybe it will end up being flu like numbers in the end, but I don't think it looks like it will.

I know one thing, the response sure is a great step toward socialism. I've heard lots of people getting real comfortable sitting at home collecting "expanded" unemployment or pay to not work ("I make more sitting at home not working that I do going to work, why would I work?" attitude), stimulus checks, etc. A lot of people will probably find out that they're expendable to their employers or can at least work from home only part time. Who knows when the economy will rebound, especially if November goes bad.
General Talk / Re: New belt so need new holster
« Last post by GunLink on April 18, 2020, 12:40:35 AM »
When we talked to the Kore Essentials rep at SHOT Show he showed us a prototype 1.75" belt and told us that that was the next thing coming from them. We haven't got a chance to try one yet, but we might get ahold of one.

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