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General Talk / Re: NRA response to recent controversy
« Last post by TheHarleyB on Today at 07:58:35 AM »
"But it all happened a long time ago! He wore those clothes to work! He travelled for NRA! No, we don't want to talk about paying some guy $3MIL per month! kthxbye"

An Important Message From Your NRA Leadership and Past Presidents

Dear Fellow NRA Member:

Since the NRA was founded almost 150 years ago, our adversaries have repeatedly tried to take us down. Today is no different. A recent burst of media claims the NRA is vulnerable, financially unstable, and weakened in its fight to defend the Second Amendment. Obviously intent on not letting the facts get in the way of a good story, most reports offer a distorted and inaccurate view of the NRA. As officers and past presidents of the NRA, we write today to set the record straight.

As you may know, we recently convened in Indianapolis for one of the largest NRA conventions in our history. More than 80,000 of our members showed up to gather as one NRA family - to support our Association and celebrate our nation's constitutional freedoms. During our annual Members Meeting on April 27, some asked for greater insight into three issues: the NRA's financial affairs, our direction and strategy, and the supervisory role being played by our board of directors. We had an open forum and spirited discussion.

Of course, our discussions were portrayed as a sort of family feud. (Infighting at the NRA - Chaos and Controversy!). At the NRA, we take pride in the fact that our Association is inclusive and invites the active participation of every member. Every member has an opportunity to voice any concern they may have at the Members Meeting. In fact, our greatest privilege is hearing from our members. Like many of you, that's why we were at the Members Meeting in the first place and spent countless hours on the convention floor.

Fact: During a board of directors meeting on April 29, Wayne LaPierre was elected by acclamation to continue serving as our CEO and Executive Vice President. The board also unanimously elected Carolyn D. Meadows to serve as our new president.

Perhaps looking for a way to counter the narrative about a stronger, more unified NRA, questions have now conveniently surfaced about our financial situation and our standing in the regulatory arena. There also have been frequent attacks on Wayne's personal character.

Fact: According to the NRA's chief financial officer, we are on budget in 2019. The NRA is meeting all banking and supplier financial obligations and we continue to aggressively manage our cost structure to offset the orchestrated and calculated attacks against NRA's finances in 2018. Put another way, our financial house is in order - we aren't going away.

We have full confidence in the NRA's accounting practices and commitment to good governance.

Fact: The Association's financials are audited and its tax filings are verified by one of the most reputable firms in the world. Internally, the Association has a conflict of interest policy and, where appropriate, related-party transactions are reviewed and approved by the board's Audit Committee.

Simply put, we are well-positioned on the regulatory front and poised to handle all challenges that confront us.

Personal attacks against the NRA's leaders are nothing new. Recent ones have focused on wardrobe purchases and travel expenses incurred by Wayne. If members hear of an allegation, they can be assured that it has been or will be addressed by the appropriate committees within our board of directors.

Fact: We have committees in place to oversee issues relating to Accounting, Legal Affairs, and Ethics, among others - and every board member is invited to attend these meetings. Please remember that all of us are elected by you - our members. We are not elected by Wayne or anyone on the NRA executive team. We serve as your elected representatives.

Fact: Over the years, Wayne had been advised by the NRA's advertising professionals to invest in his professional wardrobe due to his numerous public and media appearances. We understand that this was the same agency that facilitated the clothing purchases. What wasn't as evident in this "disclosure" is that the clothing expenses referenced in media reports dated back to expenses from 15 years ago! To put it in perspective, over this time period, Wayne has participated in thousands of events and hundreds of TV appearances, and personally directed fundraising efforts that total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In any event, this practice was discontinued some time ago.

Fact: The vast majority of the travel in question involved donor outreach, fundraising, and stakeholder engagement. As an example, The Wall Street Journal reported that a trip to Italy was "tied to a 2015 documentary feature on the Italian gun maker posted on NRATV." Beretta, as you may know, is a major supporter of the NRA and our Second Amendment.

We are not inclined to further discuss unfounded attacks on our organization, political infighting, or a "weakened" NRA.

However, we will say this: Our adversaries will not divide us and any further discussion about the so-called "demise of the NRA" is only meant to distract us from our mission. This is how it goes when you stand on the bedrock of constitutional freedom - and represent the last line of defense against a campaign to take down the Second Amendment.

While board members may argue, and perhaps even disagree as to tactics, the support Wayne and the current leadership enjoys reflects our assessment of his past and future value to the association as well as our realization that our opponents know they have to take him down if they want to weaken the NRA.

As one NRA member recently said, the true story of the NRA won't be found in today's press clippings. It will be written in the history books.

Wayne has been standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all of us for most of his professional life. He has our support. A campaign to oust him failed - as the facts emerged, true motivations became apparent, and we agreed as to who should lead our fight for freedom. We are now moving forward.

Fact: We will confront our opponents, defend our values, and proudly continue our tradition as the greatest civil rights organization in the world.

Just like you, we care about the Second Amendment and our NRA. Just as you do, we know that our fights today are less for us and more for our children and our grandchildren. Just like you, we are all courageous foot soldiers in our fight for freedom. Every single one of us in this fight matters. The Second Amendment is where it is today because of all of OUR efforts. That's why you matter to our cause and our Association.

We are the NRA. United we stand. And together, we'll win.


Carolyn D. Meadows

Charles L. Cotton
First Vice President

Lt. Col. Willes K. Lee USA (Ret)
Second Vice President

Allan D. Cors
Past President

James W. Porter
Past President

David A. Keene
Past President

Ronald L. Schmeits
Past President

John C. Sigler
Past President

Sandra S. Froman
Past President

Kayne B. Robinson
Past President

Marion P. Hammer
Past President

Robert K. Corbin
Past President
General Talk / Re: Leaked NRA docs show funny money stuff (bandwidth warning!)
« Last post by masfonos on May 20, 2019, 05:03:03 PM »
Adam Kraut and Chris and/or Jeff Knox (Neal Knox's sons) are members here. It would be interesting to hear their take on all this. Bet it wouldn't have the same spin as Hammer or LaPierre's. Not that anyone from the NRA inner circle are saying anything right now... you know, other than sending me more emails asking for money. Their silence is pretty loud. I guess they want people to draw their own conclusions.

ETA- A study guide:

Neal Knox: The Gun Rights War - Chris Knox's collection of his father's writing

Ackerman McQueen PR Firm has been behind NRAs Provocative Ads for Decades

How NRAís true believers converted a marksmanship group into a mighty gun lobby

Who ever could have guessed that the NRA leaders aren't real RKBA activists?

Hardline U.S. 'gundamentalists' pressure NRA from within

(Reuters) - About 100 protesters, many wearing T-shirts emblazoned with 'NRA = Not Real Activists,' marched through the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Dallas in May to slam the powerful gun lobby as too conciliatory on gun rights and rally for their candidate for the board.

Adam Kraut, a gun rights lawyer, fell about 4,000 votes short of the 71,000 needed for election, but earned 5,000 more than the previous year, a sign of the growth of the Second Amendment purists within the NRA known to many as 'gundamentalists.'


Marion Hammer, a past president of the NRA and one of the group's most successful lobbyists, denounced unsanctioned candidates in a column on the website Ammoland just as Kraut appeared on the 2018 ballot. Though Hammer did not name Kraut, he was one of only two non-approved candidates to run.  "Once again the NRA is being threatened by the enemy within," Hammer wrote. "It is time to wake up and stop it before it begins."

DRAIN THE (NRA) SWAMP!  Marion Hammer is bad mounting board candidates for not wanting to compromise on the second amendment?!  This is EXACTLY why we need to vote new leadership into the NRA!

Obvious she's referring to Neal Knox 77 revolt. Without Knox the NRA would have still been a good ol' boys trap shooting club like they started out and like they always wanted. They've been crooked and spineless for half a century. This isn't news this is just the latest bit of meat for New York dems to try to get their teeth into.
Firearms Related / M16 vs AK47 infographics show
« Last post by 1slickAR15 on May 20, 2019, 10:18:11 AM »
From January but just saw on my facebook

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpLYsziJE-k" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpLYsziJE-k</a>
I have a hard time believing gillebrand made those statements.   Hacked?

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Firearms Related / Re: Charles Daly Honcho knock-off Shockwave shotgun
« Last post by masfonos on May 19, 2019, 01:18:59 PM »
I was back by the gun store for another look and saw that the Honchos they have there definitely have a front swivel mount. You can even see part of it in my first pic. I'm not sure why it isn't shown in the stock photo. I didn't look at it close enough to see if it had a rear mount.

Unfortunately, they said that their distributors don't have the semi auto model available yet. I'm on a mission to find one now.

They did say they had one of the Black Aces semi auto shockwaves come through but it was one that someone ordered in for a transfer and they weren't sure where he got it. I thought the BA ones were built on Remington receivers but their site says that they're aluminum, not steel like the 1100 or V3 receivers and it says that they have Mossberg rear flange and drill/tap pattern. The 930 shotguns all have top safeties though, only the smaller gague Mossbergs like SA-20 have trigger safeties like the Black aces.


Which would you recommend?
Firearms Related / Re: Charles Daly Honcho knock-off Shockwave shotgun
« Last post by hotshotSX7 on May 18, 2019, 10:50:23 AM »
I think they are Turkish and made by Kahn/Kayhill. If so it's same company that makes the Mossberg Silver Reserve.

Also the page shows says  "Notes: Ambidextrous Sling Attachment" in the description
Now NRA is tweeting about dem presidential candidates declaring their "unwavering support for NRA and 2A"?  😠

(edit) after those tweets they say that it's gillebrand and call her a anti gun hypocrite. Ironic since they're calling her out for the quote about "banning guns for certain features" and they called for the bumpstock review.

I feel like Iím in a South Park episode where obama and bush jr were really working together to go so far left they became right.

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That kind of relationship hasn't come out yet, but I read that Brewer Attorneys & Counselors (the law firm getting $3,000,000 per month from NRA) is run by Bill Brewer who is the son in law of Angus McQueen who is the CEO of Ackerman McQueen (the company that employs most of the NRA faces and who is paying for all of WLP's shady stuff).

Also read something about how WLP got in trouble for using AMc for something so he outsourced it to some other company (Mirage, or Millennium, or something) and it turned out that they're a wholly owned subsidiary of AMc.

There's some kind of crazy relationship going on there.


William A Brewer III donates money to democrat causess. A lot of money. To a lot of dem candidates. Like Hillary Clinton, Sheldon Whitehouse, the DNC, barack obama, dem PACs, and others. Many tens of thousands of dollars to dems and about 2k to GWB back in 1999.

Angus McQueen donates money to republican causes.

These guys are related but one of them is currently in a legal fight with NRA and one of them is getting $100,000 from NRA every single day.

Bickel & Brewer is apparently called Brewer Attorneys & Counselors now. William A Brewer III at BA&C: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamabrewer/ and John Bickel at B&B: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-bickel-5bba7410/. Clicking the B&B company on JBs profile goes to BA&C.

John Bickel of B&B also donates money to democrat causes like Elizabeth Warren, Lone Star Fund, Dallas County Democrat Party, rapist Al Franken, hillary clinton, barack obama, democrat party of TX, Democratic Congressional Campaign cmte, John Edwards, Sheldon Whitehouse, and a lot more.

Their law firm is listed as a "top contributor" to a lot of democrat causes. https://www.opensecrets.org/search?q=BICKEL+%26+Brewer&type=orgs

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