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Gear Review / Alien Gear Holster
« Last post by TheHarleyB on July 08, 2019, 05:02:21 PM »
I recently found a used alien gear IWB holster and did a shell trade to fit my shield. It's the older model with leather back. The shell I sent in was kydex but the one I got back was regular plastic with a lot more detail molded into it. I've worn it for a few days and so far I like it.  It covers up a lot of area which gets kind of hot since it isn't breathable but it's comfortable. It fits the gun perfect and it conceals pretty well. I'm not sure what the point of molding in all the extra detail like trigger and pins is though. Not bad for $25 including shipping the old shell back for trade but I wish it was cooler/more breathable like a stealth gear.

Gear Review / Re: Bravo Concealment DOS Torsion Holster Review
« Last post by GunLink on June 26, 2019, 08:32:31 AM »
I'm sure some IWB kydex holsters could be uncomfortable, but the Bravo DOS Torsion we tried was not. It has enough curvature that it fits to the body when carrying it on your side around 4-5 o'clock but not so much curvature that the ends dig into you when carrying AIWB. You probably would not forget that it is there, but it is not uncomfortable. As mentioned in the review, the only thing that we found slightly uncomfortable was the threaded barrel opening digging in while seated with it in the appendix position.
Kentucky / Re: Kentucky Constitutional Carry law takes effect THIS WEEK!
« Last post by LivingDeadGirl on June 25, 2019, 06:10:52 PM »
I知 excited for it.  I have always had trouble finding time to take the class and I知 a little shy at the range when being watched. I知 okay when I知 with my boyfriend but he already has his license so I壇 be alone. We did a group training with some friends a while back and it took awhile before I was comfortable enough to get up there and work with the instructor.

Plus I get frustrated if I知 not hitting the target well and I can frustrate myself into missing even bigger. 

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Kentucky / Re: Kentucky Constitutional Carry law takes effect THIS WEEK!
« Last post by Gunz on June 25, 2019, 04:57:14 PM »
Everyone should be able to protect themselves and their families with the best tools available to do so. And they shouldn't have to pay for the "privilege" of doing it. I think it's a good thing. Even though it's not required now, everyone should still get training.
Kentucky / Re: Kentucky Constitutional Carry law takes effect THIS WEEK!
« Last post by TheHarleyB on June 25, 2019, 03:03:46 PM »
Won't change a thing for me but I'm glad that more people will be able to carry without the class or cost. I hope everyone takes the time to get familiar with the carry laws, but they probably wont. Hopefully petty criminals will think twice now about sticking up Joe Public since they might be more likely to have a gun now. I think the odds of that in Kentucky were already pretty good anyway. Most of the crimes you see on TV is hoodrat-on-hoodrat anyway most times.

That makes 14 now. That's a good thing, but I wish it was more. Green = constitutional carry

Kentucky / Kentucky Constitutional Carry law takes effect THIS WEEK!
« Last post by masfonos on June 25, 2019, 01:34:40 PM »
The new CCDW law goes into effect this thursday June 27. Kentuckians will no longer need to shell out $135 or sleep through an 8 hour class to exercise their right to carry a firearm to defend themselves from criminals. All of the requirements, restrictions, off-limit places, etc. are still in place, you just won't need the card to carry.

CJ article (be warned, their website is trash even if it wasn't Courier Journal) has a little info:  https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2019/06/25/kentucky-new-concealed-carry-law-what-it-means-for-gun-loving-state/1511455001/

Does the new law change anything for you? Like getting a CCDW permit when you didn't have one before or letting your permit expire since you don't need it anymore, carry it more/less, etc? I will be keeping mine for reciprocity when I'm traveling but also because it speeds up the gun buying process.

I think the police, not all but a lot, forget that they are civilians too. 

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Good start. Too bad they still treat one of the most law abiding subsets of society as criminals and force them to be subject to fingerprints and other BS. Hopefully that goes away once they get constitutional carry.



Do the police ever support these bills?

Of course not. At least not in major cities and not when there's a camera or microphone around. THE STREETS WILL RUN RED WITH BLOOD! There are plenty of level headed LEOs out there who support it, but they're usually sheriffs or small town cops that you won't hear from or city cops too afraid of union repercussions from supporting it.

The Kentucky bill had several cops (and maybe feds too?) standing up at the hearings to show their ass and say how allowing CCDW in its current form (21+ years old, non prohibited persons, off-limit places still off-limits) would mean that 15 year old felons would be carrying unlicensed stolen guns in prohibited places. And the hand wringing parents there too lapping it up.
Do the police ever support these bills?
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