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Title: GunLink Marketplace Rules - You MUST read and follow these!
Post by: GunLink on January 02, 2014, 09:19:53 PM
GunLink Marketplace Rules

To participate in the GunLink Marketplace buy ( (  (, users MUST read, agree to and abide by the following rules. 

These rules are posted as a "sticky" topic at the top of every Marketplace board.  Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse; violations of these rules will result in thread deletion, account locks or bans.

Participation in the Marketplace
To prevent "hit and run" postings and to maintain quality of the Forums and Marketplace, certain requirements must be met to participate.  These requirements may change at any time without notice.

To post in the Marketplace, users must have at least 10 "meaningful" posts on the GunLink Forums (posts like "bump," "+1," etc. will not count) and the account must not be "brand new".  This includes replying to ads.  If you are interested in a posted item but do not have posting access to the Marketplace, send the buyer/seller a site personal message (PM).

The following policy is not currently in effect.  Marketplace access should now be automatic after a user makes 10 posts.  If we experience any problems, we will go back to this system.
If you meet the requirements for Marketplace access, visit the Marketplace Access Request thread ( and make a post requesting access or send a site PM to the GunLink forum account.  The process for gaining Marketplace access may change in the future, but this is how it will be for now.

Marketplace Rules, Terms and Conditions