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Does anyone know of a, range directory or listing of ranges? I am specifically looking for Illinois, but interested in any info.

In a perfect world.... would be the comprehensive range directory  ;D

Help spread the word to all the ranges & stores you visit that they can get listed for free, then the next person will be able to find them in the directory.

NSSF operates a site here

Very nice info. Thanks for sharing. I would like to visit most of them at one time. Would be nice if they had some kind of program between them to encourage people to visit them.
Again, thanks for sharing!

What a great idea!  A "tour of ranges" program.  Maybe some kind of partnership where members of one range can visit other ranges for free or ave range fees discounted.  Maybe have a "passport" where if you visit all of them and get stamped you get something in return.  There are some great possibilities with an idea like that!

That's exactly what I was thinking about. Maybe pick up some kind of little prize as you go and if you visit all participants you get some range time at the place of your choice, or a discounted membership, something like that.  Maybe some promotion for the selected range also.


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