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To cut down on spam posters forums requires account activation for forum members.  Once you sign up for a GunLink Forum account, an activation email will be sent to the email address with which you registered.  This email will contain a link that you must click in order to complete your account registration.

Because the activation email is standard boilerplate text, contains links and is sent from an address that is almost guaranteed not to already be in your "trusted senders" list, it may wind up in your email Spam folder rather than finding its way to your inbox.    The first step to try should be to add the email address forums(at)gunlink(dot)info to your email addressbook and/or trusted senders list.

If you have signed up for a GunLink Forum account but have not yet received your activation email:

* Be patient.  Activation emails are usually sent almost immediately but delivery may be delayed and you may not receive the email for up to 72 hours.
* Check your spam folder to see if a junk mail filter caught the message.
* If you do not find the activation email in your inbox or spam folder in a reasonable time, send us an email at accounts at or use the contact form and we will try to get your issue resolved ASAP.

Lastly, please note that the registration systems for the Gun Link Firearms Business Directory and the Gun Link Forums are separate so log-in information is not interchangeable.

I got my email just fine

Yep. Found it in my spam folder

Guns Of The 111th

Thanks for the feedback about the activation emails getting through.  For a little while, we were having issues where they were not getting sent out at all but we think that issue has been resolved.  Given the "boilerplate" nature of the activation email, however, there isn't much we can do about spam filters catching them.

For others:  as usual, if you signed up for the forums and didn't received your activation email, please email us at the address above or get in touch on Twitter (@GunLink) and we'll get you fixed up.

YES I recieved Activation E/M . New member 78miles N. of anchorage.


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