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Author Topic: Pro hunter Chris Brackett apparently videos himself poaching deer  (Read 4893 times)

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From http://whackstarhunters.com/chris-brackett-accused-poaching/

TV hunter from Fear No Evil shoots some other guy's buck on that guy's property (that he was apparently expressly told not to shoot), then he shoots the buck he had landowner permission to shoot... with what looks like a shot in the hips  >:(

Indiana hunting regulations only allow one antlered deer per year (http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/7389.htm).  It's bad enough that he's breaking the law by shooting multiple bucks, it's bad enough that he's hunting animals that the landowner (who was nice enough to give him permission to hunt his land at all) told him not to hunt, but he shoots the thing in the ass instead of making a clean shot?  The article says he didn't even try to track the first deer he shot.

It's already hard enough to try to find places to hunt. Doing crap like this on someone's land isn't exactly going to make landowners want to allow hunters on their private property.

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Re: Pro hunter Chris Brackett apparently videos himself poaching deer
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