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Author Topic: The Gun Warehouse & Range  (Read 3105 times)

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The Gun Warehouse & Range
« on: November 01, 2011, 09:14:27 PM »
The Gun Warehouse & Range is located in Lexington, KY on the corner of Eastland Ave. and Industry Rd.  This is a year old facility with state of the art ranges.  The distance goes out to 25 yards and all the targets move to pre-programmable distances at the push of a button.  There is also a reactive steel range with 3 bays featuring 12 different programs to challenge your accuracy and speed.  This is particularly fun.  There is also a tactical range which can be rented for higher level shooting classes, military/law enforcement qualifications, Concealed Carry qualifications, or shooting clubs.  The gun store has everything you could possibly need in the way of weapons, ammunition, and a decent assortment of range bags, cases, cleaning equipment, and holsters.

If you are interested in competitive shootng, all your needs will be met here.  They have USPSA, IDPA, and Bullseye shooting on a weekly basis.  They also have great shooters on staff to help you hone your competition shooting skills, including Tony Pignato, Corey Estill, and Corey Masters.

The cost for range rental, last time I was there, was $15 for a 1/2 hour in the regular range, $80/hr. for the tactical range, and $25/hr. for the reactive steel.  These prices may have changed since the summer, so you should call them to verify before you drive over there to shoot.  Here's their phone number:  859-368-0419.
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The Gun Warehouse & Range
« on: November 01, 2011, 09:14:27 PM »

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