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Author Topic: EDC LOL - Shocking article reveals the terrifying things in Americans pockets  (Read 147 times)

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LOL... oh, Europe!  What's it like to be a bunch of Nancies?

Disclaimer: these Americans are not being ironic.

Until you scroll through, itís hard to believe the number of Ďnormalí people with standard jobs who just happen to have a couple of knives and a handgun in their pockets.

As long as this headteacher is off-duty itís fine, right? His stormtrooper neck-handkerchief is the only redeeming item here:

Everyday carries for an Emergency Medical Technician. Stethoscope? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. LOCK-BACK KNIFE? CHECK:

Itís cute when Brits try to join in the fun but the most lethal weapon they have is a fully-loaded Sharpie marker:

The comments are pretty good.

Also, what's your EDC?  ... go!
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