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Gear Review / Re: Northwood Components Aluminum P11 Trigger Review
« Last post by pops409 on Today at 02:49:58 PM »
UPDATE to the last update... Using the code gunlink at checkout will combine with the store-wide discount for a 50% total discount  - Pops :)

UPDATE:    We just got word from Pops at Northwood Components that the coupon code gunlink now combines with their site-wide sale going on for a 30% total discount.  If you've been thinking about getting one of these fine triggers to improve your KelTec CCW pistol, now is the time.


General Talk / anyone been shooting?
« Last post by Free-Fall on Today at 11:24:14 AM »
Hey, I haven't been here on in a while!  I haven't even really had a chance to think about guns much because between being busy and not finding cheap ammo and other things I haven't got to go shooting much until again recently.  Everyplace around here now has plenty of ammo including 22 so I've been doing a lot more shooting for fun lately.  Is anyone else getting to get out and enjoy range time?
UPDATE:    We just got word from Pops at Northwood Components that the coupon code gunlink now combines with their site-wide sale going on for a 30% total discount

If you've been thinking about getting one of these fine triggers to improve your KelTec CCW pistol, now is the time.  I forgot how big of a difference this kit made until I was handling a stock PF-9 and P-11 in the a week or two ago.  I do not recall if I have ever dropped the hammer on a P3AT, but I do know that a bad trigger on those small .380 pistols makes a world of difference.

GunLink / Re: GunLink Tapatalk Updates
« Last post by GunLink on Yesterday at 12:11:19 PM »
Despite lackluster support - ambivalence, at best - for it in social media, we do have a fair number of users, visitors, and readers that use the Tapatalk app for the GunLink Forums and have got some feedback outside of this thread or social media posts.

Our team seems to have worked out a few kinks that were causing some of the headaches, including the tool not hijacking the load screen with a big Tapatalk advertisement for mobile users.  For the time being, Tapatalk remains here on a probationary basis.

If you have feedback on it (like it, hate it, don't care one way or the other), let us know here.  Otherwise, it is still in peril of going away in the future.

If you visit on mobile and want to use the Tapatalk app, you can use the banner across the top of the screen.  Otherwise, ignore it and continue using the forums as usual in your mobile browser.

Firearms Related / Molot Oruzhie Targeted by Sanctions Amid Ukraine Conflict
« Last post by GunLink on June 23, 2017, 04:32:56 PM »
In case you missed it...

Sanctions Related to Ukraine Conflict Hit Firearms Manufacturer Molot and Their VEPR


...Molot Oruzhie, OOO is designated by the Treasury Departmentís sanction list under the section of Designations Related to Officials of the Russian Government and Sanctions Evasion, which also targets five other entities pursuant to the previous White Houseís 2014 Executive Order 13661, which authorizes sanctions on any individual or entity that has provided material or other support to persons operating in the arms or related materiel sector in the Russian Federation.

...This is the part that effects US gun owners who may have intended to buy any of Molotís firearms, which are imported solely by Las Vegas-based FIME Group following a late 2015, long-term exclusivity agreement between the two companies to cover the entire North American market...
Read More on GunLink Blog
The Lodge / Re: great outdoors and insects
« Last post by LivingDeadGirl on June 11, 2017, 04:56:16 PM »
Reviving this topic after the SO decided to take me spring squirrel hunting over the weekend. We didn't find any squirrels, but we found at least 30 ticks between the two of us. I used some bug spray (Cutter) but it didn't seem to have any effect. in the products defense, it was hot and we were both fairly sweaty. fairly certain most of the attackers were Lone Star Ticks at various stages of life.

What do you do for protection when in the woods? Do you find a certain brand of repellant works better than others or maybe a specific percentage of DEET? Has anyone tried the insect repellent clothing or the fabric treatments? Most of the examples I saw in Bass Pro used permethrin, which in case you don't know, is found in most flea and tick topical treatments for pets.
Where is the best deal on a shockwave blade?
You mean I don't need a $4000 rifle to operate operationally? Who knew!?
LOL... oh, Europe!  What's it like to be a bunch of Nancies?

Disclaimer: these Americans are not being ironic.

Until you scroll through, itís hard to believe the number of Ďnormalí people with standard jobs who just happen to have a couple of knives and a handgun in their pockets.

As long as this headteacher is off-duty itís fine, right? His stormtrooper neck-handkerchief is the only redeeming item here:

Everyday carries for an Emergency Medical Technician. Stethoscope? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. LOCK-BACK KNIFE? CHECK:

Itís cute when Brits try to join in the fun but the most lethal weapon they have is a fully-loaded Sharpie marker:

The comments are pretty good.

Also, what's your EDC?  ... go!
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7YbuK8SAfU" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7YbuK8SAfU</a>


"It's nothing special. If you look at it, it looks something like a Frankenstein weapon that somebody put together, but that's all you need."  ;D
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