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How was the fourth?


Hey gents- how was everyoneís fourth?


--- Quote from: JamesCollins on July 05, 2021, 10:34:10 PM ---Hey gents- how was everyoneís fourth?

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It was great, thank you!  How about yours?

Our first as a family and in our new home. The baby actually giggled at the fireworks.

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New home thatís great! Same our family saw more fireworks than we ever have on a street! Glad your baby didnít freak out

Real good. Only thing I can think of that would have made it better would have been steaks and a range trip, but we had a busy weekend. Had fun at our town's event and was surrounded by good people. We used to go to watch them on post at Knox, that was a great display of patriotism - cannon fire, Army Band, festival, fireworks, etc. A lot of those displays were already getting cancelled due to sequestration and now our little gift from China isn't helping those kinds of gatherings, but it looks like they had it again this year.

Last year we had some crazy neighborhood displays since the official ones were cancelled/changed and everyone was flush with stimmy money. On top of the town's display this time around there were some good DIY displays that people must have dropped some big bucks on.

Super late reply but sounds like a solid fourth. We were in Idaho visiting friends and Iíve never seen more foreorks launched from front yards into the dark night sky in my life


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