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What's New This Week at Brownells?


Each week, Brownells' product manager Paul Levy fills in viewers on what is new at the online retailer.  In case you missed it on the blog, we will also be sharing it here. 


New products this week include:

* MTM Ammo Crate – Wide, flat polymer box features O-ring seal for water resistance, and stackable shape for convenient storage. Integral handle makes for easy transport. Holds up to 85 lbs. of ammo, magazines, and any other type of supplies or gear. Available in 4½”- and 7¼”-deep models.  $14.99 -$17.99 retail.
* Brownells AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench – Versatile wrench works on both standard and free-float barrel nuts as well as flash hiders and rifle buffer extensions. Integral castle-nut wrench engages all four slots on collapsible carbine stock nuts. Accepts standard torque wrench drivers. $59.99 retail.
* DuraCoat DuraBlue Aerosol and liquid – Available as either an aerosol, or a liquid for spray guns, Durablue gives a deep glossy finish similar to traditional bluing without using caustic chemicals. Works on all kinds of metal, including stainless steel and aluminum. Prevents rust, resists solvents and cleaners, gives scratch and abrasion protection and comes in both black and blue.
* Prime Weaponry 308 Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group – Complete bolt carrier group drops into AR-Style .308 and features bright, unique titanium nitride finish for superior lubricity and resistance to heat, wear and corrosion. Carrier is 8620 steel and bolt is 9310 Vac-Arc Premium Carburizing Steel with both high core hardness and fatigue strength. $299.99 retail.


* LifeStraw Mission Filtration Kit – Fill the tough, synthetic bag with water and suspend it with the included straps. Attach the filter unit to the bottom of the bag for a ready supply of clean water. Available in both 5-liter and 12-liter sizes, the filter unit will process up to 4,755 gallons of water.  The 5-liter model currently sells for just over $98 and the 12-liter model for $112.
* JP Enterprises MK III Hand Guard – With both a new barrel nut system and attachment method to help make installation easy and secure, the MK III offers a versatile free-float handguard that accepts JP rail segments. Available to fit both standard AR-15 and AR-style .308 upper receivers, the handguards have integral surface texture for sure grip and accommodate low-profile gas blocks.  $219.99-229.99.
* Bobro Engineering LowRider BUIS Sights – Backup iron sights fold flat, and have an extremely low profile to fit under scopes, red dot sights or other optics.  Available as either a complete set or separately, the sights come with hardware, front sight adjustment tool and instructions.  $109.99 separately or $199.99 for the set.
* Tango Down Vickers Tactical Slide Racker – Glass-reinforced nylon insert replaces the striker retention plate on Glock® 42 pistol and gives textured “wings” to ease slide racking.  Installs quickly without any modifications to the gun. Wings protrude just enough to provide leverage, without getting in the way. $18.95 retail.


* Warren Tactical Tritium Sights For Glock® 42 & 43 – Steel sights drop into factory dovetails on Glock 42 and 43 pistols and give Tritium dots for fast targeting in all light conditions.  Rear sight has unique “Wave Profile” for extra-wide field of view with Tritium lamp in the center of the U-notch.  Front sight has eye-catching Tritium lamp for instant focus. Sevigny Carry sight has rounded corners for no-snag draw from concealment.  $129.95 retail.
* MAGPUL MOE-SL Mid-Length Handguard – Polymer handguard drops onto AR-15 with mid-length gas system to replace factory 2-piece handguard.  Gives slots for fast attachment of M-LOK accessories and rail segments.  Front lip and side extensions protect support hand from hot gas block during extended firing. $37.95 retail.
* KDG Kinect M-LOK QD Picatinny Rail – Aluminum 3-slot Picatinny rail segments drop into M-LOK handguard slots and serve as attachment points for Picatinny accessories.  Spring-loaded QD system allows the user to instantly install, remove and position it anywhere on an M-LOK handguard.  $49.99 retail.
* KDG Kinect QD M-LOK Harris Bipod Adapter – Aluminum bipod adapter snaps into place on M-LOK handguard and gives mounting spot for Harris and similar-style bipods.  Spring-loaded QD system allows user to quickly install and remove with one hand. $59.99 retail.


* Bobro Engineering FN SCAR Dual Lever Mounts – Designed to fit the FN SCAR® family of firearms, these mounts are available with fast attach levers on either the left or right side, to be opposite of the FN SCAR charging handle. Also fits AR-style .308s with receivers long enough to establish proper eye relief.
* Gerber Short Stack AR-15 Multi-Tool – Compact, folding tool stows inside Magpul MOE and MIAD AR-15 pistol grips, and helps complete common AR-15 tasks. Includes carbine buffer tube castle nut wrench, flash hider wrench, front sight adjustment tool, firing pin, bolt and bolt carrier scrapers, pull-through handle for OTIS cables, along with wrench and bits compatible with M-LOK rail fasteners and accessories.

* Trijicon MRO – Miniature reflex sight gives parallax-free aiming with 2 MOA dot and unlimited eye-relief. Small size and light weight help keep the firearm maneuverable. Runs continuously up to 5 years on one battery. Has 8 settings, including two for night vision. Fits onto Picatinny rails and is available with or without mount.

* Steiner Laser Devices – Available in both the DBAL-A3 eye-safe and higher-powered DBAL-D2 models, these compact devices have both visible and infrared aiming lasers and IR illuminators for use with night vision gear. They quickly mount onto any Picatinny rail and have easy-to-operate controls.


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