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Author Topic: Ohio House Cmte To Vote On CCW law - constitutional carry, no duty to inform  (Read 1307 times)

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Constitutional Carry, no duty to inform, no search/detain just for having a firearm!  Contact your reps today!

An Ohio House committee has scheduled a vote on legislation allowing individuals to carry concealed weapons without having to receive training, undergo a background check or obtain a license.

The House Federalism Committee meets Wednesday on the bill sponsored by Rep. Ron Hood of Ashville and Rep. Thomas Brinkman Jr., of Cincinnati, both Republicans.

The measure would eliminate requirements that people carrying a concealed weapon notify law enforcement officers when stopped and says officers no longer will have grounds to search or detain an “otherwise law-abiding person” for carrying a firearm.

Gov. Mike DeWine’s spokesman said the Republican governor supports law-abiding people’s right to carry firearms but wouldn’t comment on the bill.

The FOP and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police oppose the legislation.


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Good start. Too bad they still treat one of the most law abiding subsets of society as criminals and force them to be subject to fingerprints and other BS. Hopefully that goes away once they get constitutional carry.