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Everyone looking for a new bedside gun safe that I can store in a drawer any suggestions would be great thanks

I'm looking for one too, there's so many options out there. I have a couple of basic GunVault Nano Vaults. If you want something very basic, the Nano Vault 200 and 300 are OK. IMO they're better for vehicles or travel than bedside, so I want something better.

I was looking at other GunVault and Hornady products, but even then there's so many options. RFID access sounds good because it's easy and quick, but I worry about it failing, batteries dying, etc. Same for biometric. Combo dials can be slow so I was looking pretty hard at the finger-tip button combo GunVault ones like  Then I got hung up on a standard front-open door vs a slide-out tray.

Keyed ones are easy enough, but then you have to deal with keeping the key on you.

Then I got on Amazon and got overwhelmed. There are some good looking ones, but I worry even more about failures on cheap knockoffs (electronics failing, locks binding up). However, that's where I saw some pretty interesting looking slim vertical ones that open forward that I liked the looks of. GunVault makes one of those too, the SpeedVault I'm really leaning toward that one.

Hornady's safes are at, but I haven't looked as much at them.

This is exactly what Iím going through. Iíll check this site out and look thanks I appreciate the thoughtful response.

Ok $50 on Amazon for this/ what do you think? Looks like good reviews and actual photos and why spend 200 when I can save that? Just curious for feedback purposes


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