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Join the NRA Today
and save $10 on yearly membership dues.

Our Second Amendment rights are constantly under attack by those who claim to have good intentions but whose ultimate goal is total registration, outright bans or even confiscation of all firearms. These individuals and groups willfully ignore the facts and statistics on firearm ownership and crime in order to continue their march against your Second Amendment rights. There is, however, something that they don’t ignore… The NRA!

There is a common thread in nearly every news story each time an anti-rights, anti-gun piece of legislation is defeated on the local, state or federal level: the anti-gunners accusing the politicians of bowing to pressure from the NRA. They know that the NRA is a powerful organization because it is backed by the many individuals who believe in their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

We've won some small battles for our rights but that doesn't mean that it's time to give up because the antis will keep coming back until they get what they want. One way to keep them from getting what they want is by helping to make the NRA an even more powerful organization that can continue to protect our rights.

Use the link above to join NRA (or renew your membership) and your 1-year membership will only cost you $25 instead of the usual $35 and includes:

* 27/7 defense of your Second Amendment freedoms
* Official NRA members-only shooter's cap
* Your choice of monthly NRA magazines
* Membership card and decal
* Insurance for you and your guns
* Free admission to NRA's Annual Show
* Invitations to "Friends of NRA" dinners and other special events
* And more...

sounds like a great way to save a few bucks ..... thanks for the info.

I am already a nra member but I need to renew soon.  I just wish they would stop sending so much junk mail.


--- Quote from: Hill_William on June 19, 2013, 09:23:14 AM ---I am already a nra member but I need to renew soon.  I just wish they would stop sending so much junk mail.

--- End quote ---

This, plus all their "compromise", plus their not participating in some major firearms cases are part of the reason I like other orgs better.

From the FAQ page

Q: How can I reduce the amount of mail I receive from the NRA?
A: Simply email us at or dial 800-NRA-3888 and request to be placed on the "Do Not Promote" list. This will significantly reduce the amount of mail you receive without affecting important mailings, magazine service, or your membership renewal.

It's obscene how many people use "too much mail" as a reason not to spend what comes out to 9 cents a day to join NRA.  I've been a member for a while and they don't always do things that I 100% agree with, but it beats complaining about gun control at the counter of your LGS.  Even then, people complain about NRA's decisions but then they don't even join, let alone do anythign to vote out the luke warm board members.  The mail thing is just BS, IMO.


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