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Brand new on this site. Looks good, i just wanted to get something


off of my chest. I went to Eastman's gun show here in Macon today. In light of the recent horror in Conn. and the resultant panic buying and first time gun buyers swarming the market, i thought i was prepared for a pretty large uptick in prices and selection. Good Lord, but nothing had me ready for what i encountered. Steel Chinese 55 grain .223 for 1.00 a pop??? Good grief, a brick of Wolf 40 grain .22 LR for 100.00??? An Olympic basic AR for 2000.00??? I understand getting it while you can, but this borders on insanity. Don't get me wrong here, i'm not blaming Matt, he is just doing business. I suppose i should be thankful i have a few hundred rounds and a few good P-Mags. I guess i should be asking the question, do any of you guys see this settling back down, or do you think it'll be like the gas prices(anything around 3.20 is acceptable from being 1.85 just 4 years ago) having gone up and now everyone thinks its normal? Man, but there really are some gougers out there. Heres hoping for a return to some semblance of sanity.

Thanks to bad timing, I haven't been able to make it to some of the shows that I normally go to to stock up on ammo.  There's an upcoming one that I was pretty excited to go to since there are always good deals on the cheap steel Tula and Barnaul type ammo in bulk like Wolf or *bear.  I've been talking to some people who have been making it to the shows that I missed and told them I was looking forward to going to the upcoming show to get a break from some of the insane prices that you're talking about only to have them tell me that it's that way everywhere.  It really is crazy what people are asking for (and getting!) these days.  I hear arguments on both sides that it will settle back down or it will only get worse thanks to new laws.  I really hope that it goes back to "normal" soon and that we can look back on the "great panic of 2012/13" and laugh about how needless it was.


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