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GB LinSpeed Oil MicroMesh Refinishing Kit


The Gun Stock Refinishing Project with LinSpeed Oil

We decided to make a project of doing some gun-stock refinishing work and getting a brand new GB LinSpeed MicroMesh Kit was the perfect impetus to get the ball rolling.  The stock in question comes from a 31 year old shotgun we have taking up safe space.  While certainly no "safe queen" and not a firearm you're likely to see in the velvet-roped, mahogany-clad Gun Library at Cabela's, the practical single-shot 12ga has served us well to harvest more than its fair share of small game and clay birds and it deserves a little TLC.
Given how easy the refinishing process was and how nicely the final product turned out, we can't help but recommend this kit to anyone looking to refinish their own stock at home.  For less than $40, you get the refinishing kit (a 2-ounce jar of "GB" Lin-Speed Oil, Micro-Mesh 1500-12000 grit clothed backed durable/reuseable wet dry sanding cloths, a cushoned sanding block, two 3/0 steel wool pads, rubber gloves, color illustrated instructions and Oil Finishing booklet), which is plenty of product to finish several gun stocks (the company claims up to six long-guns).  Perhaps even better though, is the priceless satisfaction of a DIY job well done.

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The "after" pictures I took really don't do the stock justice.


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