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Strouds Run State Park - Athens Ohio


If they haven't shut it down by now, Strouds Run State Park has a free outdoor firing range in Athens Ohio.  To get there you take the road across from the lake/boat ramps and follow it out for a mile or so.

The range is operated by the ODNR.  They specify paper targets only, but people often take their other miscellaneous garbage out there to shoot and seldom pick up after themselves.  Because of this, and concerns about lead leeching into the nearby watersheds, there have been "threats" to shut the range down.  The last time I was out that way, it was at least starting to get a little bit better with regard to the mess.

The 2nd Amendment club from nearby Ohio University occasionally holds meets at the range and they're generally pretty friendly and will talk to you about firearms and show off their hardware.

Facilities a 7-25 yard pistol range and a 50-100 yard rifle range.  Covered shooting benches are provided, as are trashcans and restrooms.

It is very good. I have read it feels that it is really useful.


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