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The second amendment is as good as gone if someone doesn't protect it.

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No election posts? One candidate isn't afraid to say they will attack 2nd Amendment as soon as they get in and the other is no friend of 2A. We got more gun control under Trump than from the last admin. Neither side fights for our rights we just have two sides of the same coin. One side wants to take huge bites and the other side says they support it as they nibble away at it. It can't last for ever. Every 4 years we hear "this is the most important presidential election ever." We need better candidates at all levels.

The population and the minds we have in our nation and we are being given these two options and forced to pick the lesser of evils. When was the last time we said either one could crush it and we are lucky to have such solid candidates....I won’t hold my breath

We'd all be dead if we held our breath waiting for a good RKBA candidate so I guess we're left holding our noses instead.

Either way, this should be interesting.

I don't know when the last time was that we had a pro gun candidate or president or relevant politican. It's all just incremental steps to the obvious final goal.

For me I consider the neither side fights for our rights we just have two sides of the same coin


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