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Here are some more photos of the Franklin Armory Reformation

The Reformation is basically a SBR but, instead of the lands and grooves of the barrel being rifled, they are straight along the bore of the barrel.  They claim 4MOA accuracy with off the shelf ammo, and we shot pretty well with it at Range Day.  With their special finned ammo, which looks like a Nerf football with a tail, they claim near MOA performance. 

This is a pretty interesting piece, keep an eye out for a full writeup on it

#surprise... the #franklinarmory #reformation has non-rifled lands and grooves. Claimed 4 MOA with factory ammo and "near MOA" with these special projectiles. #shotshow @shotshow @franklinarmory

My least favorite thing this year was the Springfield XDE. Nothing, per se, was wrong with the pistol. I just hated the trigger. I felt like I had pulled all the trigger all the way to the back, nothing happened. So I squeezed more, which causes me to have to use more of my finger , finally it went off. By this point in time, the shot surprised me. The reset felt normal, but I kept feeling like in was over squeezing and each shot surprised me.
I also had the opportunity to test fire the new Archon pistol. The grip is a new map texture that appears fairly rough, and it is. Not only do my small hands struggle to maintain a grip on normal pistols, I usually struggle with the slide. While I did find the slide of normal difficulty, I liked the rougher grip texture. The firearm fired well, and it was accurate. Recoil was manageable  and I did not experience a lot of movement between shots. Overall, it was a nice pistol.
UniqueARs Unique grip was an interesting fine. With a multitude of grips in the market, Unique Grip stands out because of the unique, and colorful designs.  The grip is adjustable to the point that the grip is customizable between shooters on the same weapon within seconds. One needs to simple hold the grip as they should when shooting, turn a key to lock the shape in place and go. When it needs to changed, just unlock it and repeat. I can see this being the most beneficial when a weapon is shared between people of two vastly different sizes, such as a parent vs child.

I look forward to seeing this this item on the show floor.
One of the best booths this year, in my opinion at least, was the HiperFire booth. They had three triggers and their new compensator out for tests. I was a huge fan of the Hipertouch ECLipsbb  the trigger features a 2.50 lb pull  with a very, very short reset.   the trigger was installed on a 9mm carbon. I want one of these.
I also got totes fire the new Mossberg 590M, the new magazine fed shotgun. It comes with the 5 round magazine, however, the option to purchase a 10, 15, and 20 round magazines exists. And its pretty cool looking.

The shotgun fired like pump action shotgun. My personal use is definitely tainted by the fact that I am a short woman. This meant I had a very long reach with my support hand, so long that I had to tilt the weapon and my body to be able to pump it. I also had a long reach on my strong hand, which means that I have now have a nice shotgun bruise on my shoulder. Overall, I enjoyed this weapon.
NSSF SHOT Show / Re: SHOT Show 2018 Industry Day at the Range January 22, 2018
« Last post by LivingDeadGirl on January 22, 2018, 05:42:45 PM »
Made it to the Franklin Armory lane to shoot the Reformation. Details will be released tomorrow at an official press conference but we were allowed to look at, handle and shoot the mystery weapon.  Well, it fired 5.56. So it isnít chambered in .410. It also had in the Franklin Binary Trigger system. So I donít think itís doing weird in the actual firing system. It had an adjustable stock so it could fit multiple users.

I would say smooth bore but I was accurately hitting a target. So, I still have no idea.

With that, it was fun to shoot with very little recoil. So maybe itís doing something unique with how the rounds cycle?
Per the manufacturer, ďMade by the official SOFFE brand currently available on military installations. Donít know what size to get? We go by the rule that if it fits, go down a size. Our Ranger Panties, a.k.a. Silkies, will be the most comfortable pair of workout shorts youíll ever wear. Each design features the unique emblems of historical Special Operations units.Ē

😂😂   ;D silkies  ;D

Just got a press release for an item of tactical wear called Ranger panties.  They look like shorts.  I feel like Iím missing something.
The pistol featured in the Netflix series, The Punisher, will be debuted at SHOT this year too. The NXP8 by Seekins Precision.  http://www.seekinsprecision.com/parts-and-accessories/modern-sporting-rifles/nxr-pistol.html
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