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OK guys been missing for a while just starting to catch up and figured I'd check back in.

I have been a gun guy since single digit years w/cap, cork, water, and pop guns. I have owned too many and fall in love with them all. Until one day for whatever reason my head turns and I see something interesting.

I have to say I was late joining the 9mm party and stuck to the 1911/45 acp for too long. When I held for the first time the Browning hi-power and then took it out to the range, amazing. Now I sold off the 45's and said this is the only one I'll ever own/want/need. Yet you know there are always a few that get away.. HK P7M8, CZ 75, and well maybe others. I have been tempted often to try something new but honestly felt like I was some how cheating on my beloved BHP. Gunbroker will be the death of me I'm certain. As I can look and watch AND BID. That is just what happen this weekend. I had been watching CZ75 and clones for some time and well this really rough looking Tanfoligo showed up. I haven't even gotten the Pistol yet I sent out the Money Order on Monday and the FFL has emailed his License so it is now just waiting. Anyway I took these photos from the auction so you all could see how it looks. I mean I think I stole this for what I paid, even with shipping, ffl and such I'm well ahead.

My plan is to shoot the hell out of her when she comes in and see if I like how it feels. I know shes a beater but the feel is what I'm looking for, I can always make her perform with slight mods here and there, and again with what I paid I have room to spruce her up a bit.

Once she arrives I'll break her down and take my own pictures. Then a range report. If she performs then it'll be time to monkey around with smoothing out some or her cosmetic issues.

Oh I have done some basic Googles on "COMBAT SHOOTING COHAI" anyone have any real info on that?

Enjoy these for now.

Congrats on the new pistol!  Lucky ;D

I'm looking forward to the range report and more pics.  It's a great looking piece; I like the worn look on it.

ETA:  I don't know anything about those guns or what the COMBAT SHOOTING COHAI thing is.  All I know is that, from your pics, Century Arms brought it into the states

i don't know what all you found on google, but here is some info about the COMBAT variety of the T(A) pistols from wiki:

--- Quote ---Combat
Self-defence orientated full size pistol with a steel frame and a high-capacity magazine. The pistol has a "cocked and locked" safety on the frame with an automatic firing pin safety, double action trigger, standard reversible magazine catch, standard hammer three dots sights, and standard magazine. The Combat is available in 9x19mm Parabellum (16), 9x21mm (16), .38 Super Auto (17), .40 S&W (14), 10mm Auto (11) and .45 ACP (10)

--- End quote ---

That page sounds like its talking about the same thing or something similar, but the guns look a good deal different from yours.  I think those guns were made in Italy as a contract for IMI (of uzi fame) or some other Israeli company.

Congrats on getting a good deal on a new (to you) pistol.  Don't forget your GunLink Pistol Targets for your range trip.   ;)

As mentioned above, they may have been made in Italy as some sort of a contract deal for Mossad.

The Century Arms International import mark is a good lead.  You could probably try contacting them as they may have some documentation on them such as manuals, parts lists, etc.  As per the 2011 CAI catalog, the item number you are looking for is probably HG2787.

Barring that, contacting Tanfoglio directly may turn up some information on the pistol including documentation, year of manufacture, etc.

Hey guys thanks for the reply's I picked the TA90 up Saturday and haven't had the chance to get out with it yet. The Gun is far cleaner on the inside then out. I thought for a moment the slide had been swapped out but all numbers still match. The Rear sight, aftermarket I've been told, was bent down so the hammer would hit a bit soft so I need to take and press the hammer down just a noticeable  amount with my thumb. Of course like any of my new toys the first thing I do is take it apart, loose pieces or break something or have a hell of a time getting  it back together. What should make this any different.   

After taking the slide from the frame (Snap), I saw that the frame rails show very little wear, the hammer and sear look well polished. The place in the frame where the guide rod sits doesn't have any of the mushrooming that I saw on other threads as a "what to look out for".

Grips off everything clean reassemble and work the slide. I did it no worries. So then I see two little set screws holding the rear sight into the dove tail so a drop of KROIL on each and either side of the sight and wait patiently for about 10 seconds before I try to back out the screw. BINGO they both come out with little effort. Now I remover the slide again, set it on my bench (currently set up for reloading and NOT Smithing) I proceed to strike the sight with hammer and punch from right to left. No good. I then go left to right, no good, a bit harder, no good, a bit harder and still nada. OK a trip up to the PC and a few forum post later saying leave it alone its a PITA to remove I say fine. The sight is large enough that I can just file away what is interfering with the hammer. SO I grab the file and before I set to shaving it down I think hell this is gonna shoot very high maybe they did this on purpose because they were shooting at greater distances. What the hell I turn it over and tap I mean tap it from the under side and a few choice words later I'm looking for the broken piece. WTH. so time for a Better rear sight, search on line produces some but I'm cheap so the looking turns to used, which I'll be posting on boards soon for. Until then I decided to remove the rest of the rear sight and well what do you know about two taps latter it budged and then light taps the rest of the way, again WTH. Now two pieces in hand and still impatient I grab my torch and some brazing rod and well "FIX" it. (I say impatient b/c my tips at home are larger then some I have at work and well its not easy brazing small stuff with a big tip). I say its fixed and I'm OK with it I will shoot it AS-IS until I get a new or used one. Heck If I don;t like it I'll just pass it on. BUT I think I'm gonna like it. The trigger is firm but smooth in Double action and the single action has little take up or creep and very little movement I think to reset (hard to tell) One thing is for sure I think the recoil spring might be heavy as working the slide back is VERY hard and takes a bunch of effort, a bit less without a mag. I looked over where it might benefit from some polishing and I think its the spring. I mean with out it it cycles manually without or resistance. Again reading about spring rates and stuff I'm going to shoot her for a while before I make any changes.

So as soon as the weather breaks and I can get outside to snap some of my own pics I'll update. Also I may have opportunity to get out this week and put a few hundred rounds down range to see how she feels.



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