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just nabbed the ShapeShift holster from alien gear and I have to say I like it a lot. It has two key parts from a hard polymer. One side contains the adjustable retention unit, and you secure the trigger guard of the system to this unit. I really like the comfort, retention adjustment, grip access, and concealment. I did have a minor potential issue with the size of the base but still solid. Draw is a bit slowr from an outside the waistband holster, where I did not have to pull up my shirt to access the gun. My M&P stayed put, yet was fast to draw on the range. Solid find I would suggest taking a look if your needing a holster. Any holsters you prefer or have tried? Curious how it stacks up!

I have the original Cloak Tuck holster from them, just a regular hybrid with horse hide (I think) back and kydex shell. I have three of them for different pistols. They're really comfortable and conceal well. I tried the plastic clips on one but I like the metal clips better because they're so thin. I looked at the shape shift but it looked to me like there was too much going on to make room for all the different configurations.

Like a lot of people I ended up with a small tote full of different holsters, but I keep coming back to the alien gear for IWB. For an all kydex holster I like bravo concealment.

I'd like to try out some more holsters, but there's so many companies out there that people speak highly of that I can't afford to keep trying new ones when what I have works well.


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