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2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak : Wuhan Flu : 2019-nCov : COVID-19 : SARS-CoV-2

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Who else is following the outbreak/pandemic of the Chinese Coronavirus?

What is known is that it seems to have started in Wuhan in Hubei province in china possibly around a wet market there where people buy various kinds of animals for human consumption. The best official guess is that it's a bat disease that mutated to infect humans but there are some theories that it got out of China's only top level bio research lab that happens to be located in Wuhan.

It has now spread all over the world with confirmed cases in mainland China, The United States, Canada, Australia, Germnay, France, UAE, India, Italy, Russia, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau, and Nepal.

The official numbers are around 32,000 confirmed cases and 640 deaths as of 2/7/2020 but the numbers are likely bogus and way low due to the Chinese outright lying and the lack of available testing equipment.

Cities are locked down all over China with hundreds of millions in lockdown/quarantine, many countries have banned travel/travellers to and from China and there are now several cruise ships that are blocked from docking anywhere so they are quarantined with either confirmed or suspected cases on board.

CDC info and links about Wuhan flu.

CDC summary.

John Hopkins data with map of global cases.

World Health Organization page.

If you aren't already prepared for something like this, it's a good time (or past time) to start thinking about it. If you already have preps, it's at least a good reminder to check them.

It's pretty gnarly in China already. Check out social media for some crazy posts and videos coming from there. People there are made to stay home, only one person per household allowed to go out every 2 days for supplies or healthcare. If it turns into that kind of situation in other places, it could get pretty bad.

"Prevention is the best cure."  Avoid big crowds. Wash hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer. Don't touch your face. Common sense. Good preps would be supplies to bug in for several weeks to avoid people with the bug. Food and water. Heat if you're in a cold environment in the winter.

Ugh - hopefully it wasn't floating around Vegas during SHOT Show. The regular SHOT Show crud is bad enough!

Fox News says there is a press conference with US health officials about the virus starting soon.

Trump virus task force: immediate risk to US public is low.

CDC has test kits available for select users. 191 national labs.

Candidate treatment in the works with private company.

Most cases involve those with direct ties to Hubei province. A number of person to person transmission cases for those who have not been to China.

Chinese doctor who sounded early alarm about virus in December and who Chinese government tried to silence has died of the virus.

I don't know. They say it's low risk. Most cases have been in China and all but a couple deaths have been in China. Sounds like they either got it handled or it's just not as bad as some people think. As my coworker pointed out, there's a lot more flu cases and a LOT more flu deaths every year and nobody freaks about that.


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