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Cedar Oil?


A family friend, who is an avid hunter and all around sportsman, swears by cedar oil to repel biting insects.   Iím a type of person that if a biting insect gets within 100 yds of me, it finds me.  I am always looking for something to work better than DEET because it seems to keep ticks away, but not all mosquitos or biting flies.

Has anyone else heard of this or tried it?


It's great stuff!

Interesting.  Is this part of the essential oils movement? 

I guess it makes sense though, cedar planks are used to keep moths away so maybe it works on other insects too. 

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Cedar oil is applied to protect the body against harmful bacteria, facilitate wound-healing, address the discomforts of muscle aches, joint pain or stiffness, soothe coughs as well as spasms, support the health of the organs, regulate menstruation, and stimulate circulation.

Cedar is legit - some of the best stuff I have ever used and would argue is way underutilized


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