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Which 4 of these items would you pick to survive a "zombie apocalypse"


So, here I go... way overthinking a Facebook meme  ;D 

Zombie apocalypse, TEOTWAWKI, mass rioting, WROL... whatever you want to call your survival situation du jour... which of these do you pick?

If it really was a zombie outbreak, I think I'd pick silenced handgun (assuming that it includes ammo), first aid kit, machete, and body armor, assuming that it's something like in the pic that covers most/all of your body and not just a plate carrier.  If it's just a PC, I'd probably swap that for the NVGs.  If a big chunk of the population goes zombie, I would guess that stuff like transportation and communication (jeep and CB) would be easy to come by early on, or even later into the situation.  If real humans aren't unfriendly, water purification shouldn't be hard because you wouldn't have to worry about starting a fire to boil water, etc. 

In a more realistic situation (mass rioting, civil disturbances, society collapse), I'd change it up a bit.  I would want the NVGs for sure, and probably a long gun instead of a handgun, so I'd pick the AK (with ammo).  The third slot would be a decision between water purification and first aid, fourth slot would be a choice between the Jeep and whatever I didn't pick for #3.

What do you pick?

body armor

Im going with real zombie apocalypse...machete, night vision, AK47, and cross bow.  Assuming zombie apocalypse, im anticipating motor vehicles and radios to be handy. As well as items that can be found in homes and stores. Yeah, there will likely be looting but items will still be around.  A dog would be nice as an companion and presumably it is already trained to attack and alert, maybe retrieve. But at this point, i dont know if dogs are susceptible to the pathogen and if the pathogen can be acquired from the flesh of a cadaver. Honestly, as anyone ever met a dog that doesnt want to eat and roll in dead stuff?

AK because I don't want them getting close

Jeep to get around and sleep in

Water purifier so I don't die from thirst

First Aid so I don't die from something stupid like a papercut


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