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Walther Customer Service - P22 Problems


I had some problems with my P22, including the divots gouged out on the bottom of the slide from trigger bar ears that is common with these pistols.  From everything that I read, and from what Walther says, this is just cosmetic and won't actually harm the gun because once it wears as far as the trigger bar can reach, it stops.  I don't know if I buy that or not though since it's already hard for me to trust the cast zinc alloy slide to begin with and knocking material out of it won't make it any stronger.

But, I digress... the problem I wanted solved was that the notch on the slide had worn off and become rounded because the slide stop lever material is harder than the slide itself.  The slide would only lock back on empty about 20% of the time and if you could get it to stay open at all, it would sometimes close itself without human intervention.  Dangerous, IMO, because you a) can't quickly visually inspect it to be clear and b) if a loaded mag is inserted it could load itself

I asked about the Walther warranty on another forum because what my P22 book says, what the online book says, what the Walther site says, and what a lot of other websites say are all different.  They told me that it has a lifetime warranty from S&W and to call instead of using the online contact form. 

Being stubborn, I emailed them and the guy told me that this was normal wear (even the part about it being able to load itself  :o) and not covered under warranty.  So I called, talked to a nice gentleman in the service department who agreed that it was not normal and he emailed over a shipping label within a few minutes.  I sent it in and they had it back to me in probably less than 2 weeks with a new slide. 

I'm glad that it's fixed now and safer (thanks, Walther!) but they put one of the new design slides on it instead of the older style ones that I liked better.  The new one looks OK on the new frames, but I don't care for how it looks on the old frame.

I'm glad to see that that they are standing behind the guns even though I think P22 production is 3rd party (Umarex?) and they have changed hands with who makes them, imports them, markets them, etc. over time.  Other than that, it's been a pretty decent little gun for a cheap .22LR that's had thousands of rounds through it.  I just wish I would have called to begin with instead of wasting time emailing them.

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