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GunLink Marketplace Rules - You MUST read and follow these!


GunLink Marketplace Rules

To participate in the GunLink Marketplace buy/sell/trade boards, users MUST read, agree to and abide by the following rules. 

These rules are posted as a "sticky" topic at the top of every Marketplace board.  Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse; violations of these rules will result in thread deletion, account locks or bans.

Participation in the Marketplace
To prevent "hit and run" postings and to maintain quality of the Forums and Marketplace, certain requirements must be met to participate.  These requirements may change at any time without notice.

To post in the Marketplace, users must have at least 10 "meaningful" posts on the GunLink Forums (posts like "bump," "+1," etc. will not count) and the account must not be "brand new".  This includes replying to ads.  If you are interested in a posted item but do not have posting access to the Marketplace, send the buyer/seller a site personal message (PM).

The following policy is not currently in effect.  Marketplace access should now be automatic after a user makes 10 posts.  If we experience any problems, we will go back to this system.
If you meet the requirements for Marketplace access, visit the Marketplace Access Request thread and make a post requesting access or send a site PM to the GunLink forum account.  The process for gaining Marketplace access may change in the future, but this is how it will be for now.

Marketplace Rules, Terms and Conditions

* USERS ASSUME ALL RISK FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE MARKETPLACE.  GunLink can not and will not be responsible for any transactions in the Marketplace.  The Marketplace is simply a venue to post advertisements for the buying, selling or trading of personally owned items by forum members.  Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware.  If a deal goes bad, you are on your own.
* You MUST be aware of and abide by all applicable local, state and federal laws regarding your Marketplace transactions.  Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

This includes firearms, ammunition and magazine restrictions, shipping regulations, waiting periods, background checks, blade lengths, FFL involvement, etc. on both sides of the deal.

Marketplace posts regarding potentially illegal items will be removed and users may receive account locks or bans.
* NFA/Class 3 regulated items and certain other highly-regulated items may NOT be posted in the Marketplace.
* The Marketplace is offered as a free service to forum members without any warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied.
* It is recommended that any transaction involving a firearm be done through a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL), even in cases where face-to-face personal transactions may be legal.  This is a REQUIREMENT in many firearms transactions, particularly those across state lines.
* Use common sense when arranging transactions.

For the most part, you are dealing with strangers on the internet.  Keep this in mind when giving out personal information or arranging face-to-face (FTF) transactions.

Also be aware that fraud does exist and proceed accordingly.  It is sole responsibility of the individual parties to the transaction to make sure that the goods and payments are exchanged as agreed to.
* Buying, selling and trading of items on the GunLink forums is to be done ONLY in the Marketplace and not on the general boards.
* No third-party buying, selling or trading.  You may NOT buy/sell/trade items for your friends, family members, pets, acquaintances, etc.
* No commercial sales without prior approval from site staff.  The GunLink Marketplace is primarily for users to advertise their own personally owned goods.
* Please be aware that some payment systems (e.g. PayPal) frown upon using their service for firearms-related items.  There are stories indicating that, if they notice such transactions, they may "freeze" or "lock" your payment account.  Keep this in mind when arranging transactions.
* Marketplace threads may be locked after a certain period of time to prevent bumping of old ads.  If your thread is locked and the item is still for sale, you may request that it be unlocked.
* Any information that you post in Marketplace threads may be publicly visible.  Keep this in mind when posting email or mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc.  It may be best to keep such personal information contained to site PMs or emails.
* Do NOT post multiple threads for the same items.
* Users should check the 'For Sale' sections before posting a 'Wanted' thread.
* The Marketplace is NOT for linking to third party ads, auctions, commercial websites, etc.  Such postings will be deleted and may result in account locks or bans.  Linking to manufacturer websites to provide additional information, images or specs is acceptable.
* Do NOT "bump" your Marketplace posts unless you are adding new, meaningful information, price changes, etc.
* It may be useful to include a rough location in your post to facilitate buying/selling/trading of items.
* Be as specific as possible when posting in the Marketplace.  Overly vague postings may be deleted.
* Your posting MUST include an item description (including condition) and price.  Recommended additional information may include pictures, location, name, etc.  To post pictures, they should be hosted offsite (on a site like photobucket or image shack) and embedded using the IMG BBCode tags.
* In order to build a system of trust for future buyers and sellers, it is recommended that users post feedback about the transaction on the Marketplace Feedback board once the transaction is complete.
* If you decide not to sell your item on the GunLink Marketplace after it has been listed, you must indicate this in your post and notify any interested members with whom you are negotiating.  Such posts will be locked for a period of time before being deleted.


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