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Contrast! The NAA Mini, in .22LR or .22 mag

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These small revolvers are beautifully engineered. They are of course ''mouse'' and nothing more. I do believe though that this when set up with the magnum cylinder (my norm) - it is still of some use and so an easy BUG to 'lose' in the smallest of pockets. It is said that the ..22 WMR muzzle velocity out of this approximates that of a .22lr from a rifle - so approx 1200 fps.

Despite diminutive size and my large hands, it is quite easy to operate accurately - at close ranges of course. Strictly SA only and to reload the cylinder pin is removed and whole cylinder unloaded and reloaded out of the gun.  A short YouTube video was done to show the process - see lower down.

Short YouTube video on NAA Mini reloading etc ......

[youtube]aVKlH5DAS7k[/youtube] web site - see this picture and many more, plus articles.

I've thought about getting one of these a few times but I can't think of what in the world I'd ever use it for   ;D

Could just be that that diminutive little gun could save your life if it was all you had!!

True.  Much better than a knife or mean words.

I was also looking at some of those little two-barreled derringers from Bond Arms that they advertise in the back of the NRA rags.

I've always wanted one of those little guys. I'm not really sure why but it might have something to do with always wanting any gun that I don't already have. Oh well, a guy can dream. I handled one once at a gun show in Colorado and probably should have bought it then. I have heard that they are loud and have a good deal of muzzle flash. That makes it more fun.


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