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Title: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: GunLink on August 09, 2016, 12:07:23 PM

2017 SHOT Show
Industry Day at the Range

Januay 16, 2017
Boulder City, NV


It's that time of year again:  SHOT Show 2017 ( is fast approaching and with it comes SHOT Show Range Day - the opportunity for industry members and media to go hands-on with the newest firearms from all of the biggest manufacturers (and many you might not have heard of).

The SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range organizers have another great range day lined up with tons of great exhibitors showcasing their wares and we can't wait to go check them all out.  Be sure to let us know which exhibitors you are most interested in and we will be sure to cover them and get answers to any questions you might have.

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5.11Action Target
Aero PrecisionAguila Ammunition/TxAT
Aimpoint, Inc.American Gunfighter
American TacticalAngel Armor
ArmaliteAscendance Intl
Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Mfg.AWC Silencers
Axiom Aiming SolutionsBallistic Advantage
BarrettBarrett Sovereign
Battle Arms Development, Inc.Benelli
BenjaminBeretta USA
Bergara USABig & J
Butler CreekCAA
Caldwell Shooting SuppliesCaracal USA
CCICenterPoint Crossbows
Century ArmsChamber-View, LLC
ChampionCivilian Marksmanship Program
CMC Triggers CorpCMMG Inc
Cobalt KineticsColt’s Manufacturing Co.
Crimson TraceCrosman Corporation
Custom Ear ProtectionDaniel Defense
Dark Storm IndustriesDead Air
Diamondback FirearmsDoubleStar Corp.
Edge Tactical EyewearEMF Company, Inc.
EOTechERGO Grips
European American ArmoryFederal Premium Ammunition
First TacticalFN America, LLC
FranchiFranklin Armory
Geissele AutomaticsGerman Sport Guns
GLOCK, Inc.GoPro
HS PrecisionHailey Ordnance Company
Heckler & KochHeritage Manufacturing, Inc.
High Performance Firearms LLCHiperfire
HipertouchHogue Inc
Honor DefenseHunter Electronic
HoppesInceptor Ammunition
Inland Manufacturing, LLCIWI US, Inc.
Kalashnikov-USAKel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc
KimberKinetic Industries
Legacy Sports International, Inc.Leupold
Lucas Oil Outdoor ProductsLewis Machine and Tool
maglula Ltd.Magtech Ammunition
McMillan FirearmsMechanix Wear
MINOX Sports OpticsMy Service Rifle
MyTopo, a Trimble CompanyNational Firearm Dealer Network
National Shooting Sports FoundationNcSTAR
Nexus AmmunitionNissan
Optical DynamicsOtis Technology
Peltor SportPerformance Plus Outdoors
PolyCase Ammunition LLCPOMA
Puma KnivesRam Truck
Ravin CrossbowsRCBS
RigbyRio Ammunition
RISE ArmamentRock Island Armory
Rocky Mountain Elk FoundationRossi
Ruger AmmunitionRuger Firearms
SauerSavage Arms
Schmidt & BenderSeek Thermal, Inc.
SensightShepherd Scopes
SilencerCoSling Guy
Slip 2000Smith & Wesson
SOG  Specialty Knives & ToolsSpeer
Springfield ArmorySSI (Sighting System Instruments)
Standard Mfg. Co. LLCStevens
StoegerSTI International
Strategic Armory CorpsStreamlight Inc.
SuperfeetSurgeon Rifles
SwaggerSwarovski Optik North America Limited
Tactical SolutionsTanfoglio
TASER InternationalTaurus Holdings
Tetra Gun CareThompson Center Arms
TrackingPoint IncTriumph Systems
Ultimate Training MunitionsUltra Clip
VG6 PrecisionVortex Optics
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.Walkers
Walther ArmsWarn Scope Mounts
Warrior. Co LLCWeaver Optics
Wilkinson TacticalWinchester Ammunition
Winchester Repeating ArmsYankee Hill Machine
YETI CoolersZenith Firearms & ZQI Ammunition

Stick with the GunLink family of sites leading up to the 2017 SHOT Show to stay up to date on what you can expect to see at the show and keep a close eye on the GunLink Forums (, GunLink Blog (, and GunLink social media feeds all through the show so you don't miss a thing!

Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: LivingDeadGirl on January 16, 2017, 12:39:57 AM
What kind of products is everyone interested in seeing?
Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: LivingDeadGirl on January 16, 2017, 10:59:40 PM
I finally was able to get some hands-on experience with the EAA Witness Pavona. The Pavona is a "girl" version of the EAA Witness. The pistol is overall smaller, with larger groves on the slide to aid in manipulating the slide, and a lighter recoil. Unfortunately, EAA did not have the original Witness on the line for me to handle both side by side. However, the Pavona did fit wonderfully in my hand. The slide was easy to grab and rack. While shooting, the trigger pull was easy and had a nice, short reset. The recoil was barely noticeable and my follow thru made it very easy to call my shots and to be consistent between shots. This year's Industry Day was a bit chilly with high winds, and my hands did not hurt after shooting it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this pistol. With a MSRP of about $400, this is a reasonable pistol for any lady to carry. It comes in three calibers: .380, 9 mm and .40.  EAA also has a line of concealed carry purses with holsers that were designed for these pistols. They also have a purse insert that will turn any purse into a concealed carry purse. My only reservation about the pistol is the color options. It has five color options: black, sapphire (blue), imperial (purple), fandango (pink), and charcoal. While that does not seem extreme and may even seem reasonable, they all have glitter. All have silver glitter, but the black option has a a choice of silver or gold glitter. I personally am not a fan of the looks of the pistol, but it functions better than most pistols that actually feel comfortable in my hands.
Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: LivingDeadGirl on January 16, 2017, 11:44:19 PM
I also got to handle the new Walther Creed. In general, I like Walther products. They handle great, are easy to use, and I don't have to do anything special to hit the target (I'm right handed, but left eye dominate). The Creed was still easy to handle and shoot, but it was a little too large for me. I needed to readjust my hands after every shot. However, when you are short and have small hands, this is expected for most rifles and handguns.  It is so common, that I hardly notice anymore. In fact, it was so noticeable this time that the head GunLink guy described me as a "holding a large grapefruit" while handling the Creed. The CCP may be a better option for the smaller shooter.
Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: LivingDeadGirl on January 17, 2017, 12:10:59 AM
If you're looking for a different way to practice target acquisition skills, check out the Pop Packs from Triumph Systems. These are small packs that come in three colors and labeled with different shapes and numbers. The packs are filled with a paint-like substance that is water soluble, like finger paints for kids. Packs are 5" x 3.5" and enough paint in them to make the packs about 1.5" thick and small enough that you have to be accurate. What makes these fun is when you hit the target just right or enough times, the packet explodes neon green, yellow or pink. It is highly visible, and you know the instant that the target was engaged. It is extremely satisfying to see that paint go splattering. With three colors, three shapes, and three numbers, there are a lot of options to drill yourself and practice target acquisition.

The paint has some traveling distance. Shooting on a handgun range, I am positive that some paint got in my hair and got on my paint legs. Even so, it was extremely fun. At a MSRP of $19 for 12 packs, this is an easy and affordable option for many people.
Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: LivingDeadGirl on January 17, 2017, 12:37:38 AM
Now, it's not new, but I shot the Kimber micro 9 for the first time. Kimber is not exactly in my price range, but I love the way they look and feel. The micro 9 and the .380s just feel so comfortable in my hand with such an easy trigger pull. The slides are easy to rack, even in .380.  Not to mention, they are scaled down 1911s and they look great.

The recoil on the micro 9 is barely noticeable. Now, it was one of the first pistols I shot today and it was very cold this morning, so it did hurt my hands while shooting. I do think that this way solely because of the temperature. I am not normally a woman who likes the girly colors for my pistols, which is partly why I like the way the Kimbers look. However, I make an exception for the Kimber Bel-Air. The Bel-Air comes in .380 and 9mm and it looks like a '50s car: robin egg blue frame, cream colored grips and chrome slide. It is the cutest damn pistol that has ever been made. I love the looks of this pistol so much that I honestly would not care how it handled. Fortunately, it is the entire package and I am actively trying to save money so I can buy one.
Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: GunLink on January 17, 2017, 02:41:31 AM
First batch of Range Day photos are up at

Title: Re: The 2017 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range January 16, 2017
Post by: GunLink on January 18, 2017, 12:57:40 AM
Check out the First Look at the KelTec RDB Survival Bullpup Rifle on the GunLink Blog at 


Sorry about your luck, everyone who left SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range any time throughout the day up until about 25 minutes before all of the action wrapped up.  Because that is around when the folks at KelTec remembered that they had forgotten to uncase their latest contribution to to the firearms market:  the RDB Survival Edition bullpup rifle.

We had just finally made our way to the the KelTec booth and finished being confused by why the KSG bullpup shotgun on the bench was obscenely long (it is because of the Germans, in case you were wondering, and it is called the KSG 25) when we heard the company reps start expressing concern over some piece of missing equipment.  That missing piece of equipment happened to be a literal one-of-a-kind on earth prototype firearm that relatively few other humans have laid eyes on or had the opportunity to fire – including everyone else at the range day until Chad Enos and crew happened to locate it in a case under one of their shooting tables and pulled it out with minutes to spare during shooting hours, providing Team GunLink the opportunity to be the first to snap some photos and send some rounds downrange with it.

That missing firearm was the Survival edition of the downward-ejecting RDB bullpup rifle chambered in 5.56.  After mounting the Vortex Spitfire AR (the same optic we moved from our 5.56 SBR to our new 9mm AR-pattern SBR… stay tuned!), KelTec personnel function tested the rifle before turning it over to us to take for a spin.  ...keep reading... (