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CA law on handgun advertisements challeneged

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I didnít even know this was thing in CA.  They can advertise long guns and handguns on billboards on the street a block away, but you can only advertise long guns in a gun store. It was supposed to prevent suicide?

I love what the judge said, a judge appointed by the last guy too, "[T]he Supreme Court has rejected this highly paternalistic approach to limiting speech, holding that the Government may not 'achieve its policy objectives through the indirect means of restraining certain speech by certain speakerí ď

Is he saying thatís itís a sexist law, like how eating meat is now sexist or global warming is sexist?

I read the article. It was supposed to prevent suicide by preventing impulse buying at the counter.  So having all the handguns in a display case to view isnít the same thing?

I also see they fined a store for a vinyl decal of a revolver in the window.  Not sure how that was advertising unless itís just saying, hey we sell handguns and revolvers in this gun store.

I tried finding the numbers to see if it did prevent suicide and couldnít find any.  Has anyone else seen it referenced?

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"A federal judge appointed by former President Barack Obama on Tuesday struck down a 95-year-old California law that had banned handgun ads at gun shops, calling it "unconstitutional on its face" and slamming the state for its "paternalistic" assumption that its residents can't make up their own minds about firearms.

Officials in California had claimed the advertisements would trigger people with ďimpulsive personality traitsĒ to buy more handguns, leading to increased suicides and crime -- assertions that U.S. District Judge Troy Nunley in Sacramento all but mocked in his ruling.

The 1923 law provided that "No handgun or imitation handgun, or placard advertising the sale or other transfer thereof, shall be displayed in any part of [a gun store] where it can readily be seen from the outside."

Wow. From 1923, I'm guessing it was more to do with trying to cut down on prohibition era gangsters getting concealable firearms than playing daddy and preventing suicides. That was probably just the spin that the feel-good lunatics out there latched on to to keep it on the books. Most of the guns that stores sold in that era were probably hunting shotguns and rifles and you have to remember that a lot of people probably mail ordered their guns from catalogs too.  At the time it was probably a "non issue" but you can bet your ass that CA isn't going to repeal a gun law regardless of how stupid it is.

Advertising handguns there wouldn't take much effort... they can only sell the ones on "The List!"


--- Quote from: Gunz on September 18, 2018, 05:03:21 PM ---Advertising handguns there wouldn't take much effort... they can only sell the ones on "The List!"

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And you need a state approved locking device for each weapon too!

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