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XTECH Adjustable Tactical Grip


Review of XTECH Adjustable Tactical Grip for AR platform rifles - from October 2017 Tac Pack subscription box review

I think I remember seeing the XTECH Adjustable Grip at SHOT Show a few years ago and thinking it was kind of a goofy thing.  My opinion has not changed significantly since then. 

What this is, is two pieces of an AR-15 grip that you can bolt together to create a 17, 25, or 33 grip angle.

I understand that XTech has patented this adjustment mechanism, so this is the same grip (maybe with a slightly different texture) as the BAD Adjustable Tactical Grip and CobraTac Multi-Mission Grip. 

The adjustable grip is a neat thing to play around with, but we see a number of faults with it.  Not that we have seen a lot of pistol grip failures, but I would be wary of introducing another place for a weapon that you count on to fail.  To make things more interesting, in addition to the grip itself, this introduces more non-standard parts into the mix: the grip screw.  Not only is it longer than regular grip screws (if you want extras/replacements, you'll have to figure out how to source them) but, instead of a slotted or 3/16" hex head like every other grip screw I can find around here, it uses a 5/32 hex head.  That way, if you have to install the odd-ball screw you had to source, you also have to keep around a bastard size hex wrench - which is also necessary to make angle adjustments. 

The grip is comfortable enough in texture and at its various angles - from full-chicken-wing 33 down to the more vertical 17 -
 which are achieved by backing out the grip screw a few turns, moving the grip, and re-tightening the screw.  The material is all hard polymer with four different textures on it: fairly smooth on the body, something pretty similar on the front and forward sides, a little more aggressive on the rear sides, and horizontally lined down the back.

We have a few different grips on different rifles around GunLink HQ, depending on shooter preference and the purpose of the rifle (mostly more vertical Magpul K2+ grips, FWIW).  However, we prefer to figure out what we want/need on the rifle, go with that, and stay with that instead of swapping out grips/angles. 

If you will stay with one angle, why not choose a well-made, standard part with that angle and keep it?  If you need to change out grip angles based on the application, why not (other than duplicating the cost) choose a dependable standard part for each application and swap them out using standard tools/components?  Or, if you want to stick with just one grip, why not one that bolts on in the standard fashion, but adjusts through modular front and rear panels like the Magpul MIAD?

If you just had a standard pistol grip on your AR and wanted to think about trying out different grips and angles, or if you want the ability to be able to change angles on your range or hunting rifle, this XTECH is a decent inclusion for the TacPack box.  It probably is not something that we would have purchased on our own, but we appreciate having one to try out and it does a good job of rounding out the subscription box.


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