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Tactical Oatmeal BLT Pistol Magazine Carrier


Tactical Oatmail BLT Pistol Magazine Carrier review - from September 2017 Tac Pack subscription box review

The Tactical Oatmeal BLT OWB pistol magazine carrier.  We have seen Tactical Oatmeal around the internet on various social media platforms, but had not put our hands on any of their "unconventional Kydex solutions."

I have a handful of pistol magazine carriers, from OEM carriers to locally-made custom Kydex jobs to the Sticky Holsters mag pouch.  The Sticky Mag Pouch is my usual go-to for EDC carry of a backup magazine, mainly for ease of use (putting it on and taking it off) and because it sits low and is comfortable and discreet.  It doesn't have much retention at all, so the magazine can slide out when I throw my jeans on the bed at the end of the day or when I do somersaults and handstands.  The factory and custom Kydex mag carriers that I have all do a fine job of keeping the mag securely in place and being mostly comfortable and discreet, but they all have solid loops that my CCW belt has to be threaded through - these are usually relegated to winter wear or for shooting courses.

The Tactical Oatmeal BLT combines the best of both worlds - it has an adjustable retention screw that not only helps it keep your magazine in place, but also allows it to accommodate just about any double-stack pistol magazine.  The belt-clip is a sturdy polymer piece, open on the bottom for easy on/off, and with plenty of tooth to grab the bottom of your belt so it stays in place.  Although the feature is not of much use to anyone around GunLink HQ, it is ambidextrous in that the clip can be swapped from one side to the other.

The BLT gets two dings against it.  The first is that it rides much higher than I like my reloads to ride.  This probably helps keep it out of sight if the wearer's shirt rides up, but it puts a lot more of the magazine into contact with the body and costs a few comfort points, even with relatively short G19 magazines.  The second ding is that the BLT is constructed from a single piece of Kydex bent in half to form the shell - leaving an open channel around two sides for lint, debris, and other junk to get onto/into the magazine and top round.

The BLT looks like a good, solid, well-made magazine carrier.  We spent some time carrying it and it does a fine job of what it is supposed to do.  I don't know that it will be a primary reload carrier, but it will go into rotation.


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