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One Woman Takes On City of Chicago



Rhonda Ezell is the reason that the city of Chicago now has to allow firing ranges within city limits. After the city lost, the city decided to permit ranges, only in certain areas with special permits. Fortunately, a federal appeals court decided these restrictions were too burdensome. There still has not been a range opened, but Ezell says the fight isn't over

"The mayor walks around every day with armed security paid for by the taxpayers of Chicago, yet he doesn't want you to go to a gun range and be efficient with the firearm you choose to have in your home for the safety of you or your loved ones."

She has since started her own group, Chicago Guns Matter, to help draw awareness to the fact that citizens of Chicago do have the right to carry a handgun within the city.

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 Fortunately, a federal appeals court decided these restrictions were karaoke bar near ne too burdensome.

The double standards are just ridiculous


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